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Week 26
~ One Thing After Another

I am running late this week and I apologize because I am usually so good about getting my journal in before the weekend. However, it has been crazy busy and if it can go wrong it will has been the motto of the week. The weekend was rushed. Our sitter fell through for the wedding on Friday so we ended up bringing Trysta with us, which was a mad scramble because it hit me that my daughter had no warm dresses. We always buy a couple this time of year for Santa and Christmas but of course last year's are way too small. I left work at five and managed to purchase two dresses, tights and new shoes and made it home about 6:30 with the wedding at 7:30 but Chris and Trysta weren't home, yet. They showed up a little before 7 but Trysta was one dirty girl. She had marker from head to toe. Scrub, scrub, threw the dress on, fight about tights (lost the battle) and out the door. We were barely in the car 10 minutes when she fell asleep. We were late for the wedding and I was miserably hungry, uncomfortable and oh so cranky. You know the things a pregnant woman should never be at one time or her husband will find himself in danger! However, after the mad dash the night was nice once Trysta was able to fully wake up (to say she doesn't like being woken up is quite the understatement). However, she loves dancing and that perked her up. She stayed on the dance floor with all the other kids the entire time. I love watching her dance and have a good time, but I was quite happy to see my bed by the time we got home. However, Tyler wasn't, he loves to practice all of his own favorite dance moves at bedtime.

Saturday and Sunday were a complete blur. My husband had duty on Sunday so it was just me and Trysta which is always nice. The way those two fight it is nice to sometimes get a break from being "Mommy in the Middle." Yes, I said it my three year old and grown husband bicker like two small children. If they bicker this much now I can see her teenage years are going to be real fun. Trysta and I had our girl day and made homemade blueberry muffins for daddy, which Trysta really liked and Tyler seemed to love because I ate one and he again started his special dance.

Monday started with a fever and vomiting. I couldn't keep anything down so I missed work which just was the start of putting me behind. It didn't help that I hardly felt much better Tuesday but it was a week that did not allow lying in bed and hiding from the world. The weather was unseasonably frigid and I sounded like a frog every time I talked and I couldn't get a doctor's appointment with my regular doctor or my OBGYN so I suffered along with Tylenol Cold and somehow made it through the week. Friday, my husband called me and informed me that he would be unable to get Trysta because his brakes were shot and he had brake fluid leaking everywhere. He had planned to work on the brakes over Thanksgiving but I guess they were worst than he thought. I must admit I have owned five Fords in a row and my husband has always preferred Chevy, however in 2006 I convinced him to go to Ford and of course he has had nothing but trouble since we bought it. I on the other hand never have issues. I have a feeling a new car is in the near future for him and it won't be a Ford. So for now the truck is in my driveway waiting for repair until Thursday and of course the upcoming week is a week where one car is going to be logistical nightmare. Can we say Enterprise?

Well enough for now, I hope you all had great weeks, weekends and until next week . . .
~ Christy

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