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Week 27
~ Thanksgiving, Already?

Well I am officially finishing up my second trimester. I had my last monthly doctor's appointment on Tuesday and am now on bi-weekly appointments. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. I had the pleasure of enjoying every woman's favorite beverage for the glucose testing. I have always chosen the tropical punch flavor but I hear orange is just as bad. I told the nurse I was sure the bottle had grown since my last pregnancy. As I was trying to drink the vile stuff it truly felt like I was facing a 2 liter bottle of pure sugar. Now we just wait. I didn't have any issues with Trysta so I am hoping it will come back normal. I admit if it doesn't I will blame it on McDonalds. I stopped for an iced tea and I did say unsweet with lemon. However, one gulp it was plainly obvious they had messed up and if any of you have drank McDonald's sweet tea, you realize it truly could be used in lieu of the syrup doctor's use for gestational diabetes. It is nothing but syrup and water. I only had a sip, but what a sip of sugar to have before my test.

The rest of my appointment was pretty standard. Blood pressure is still high but everything else is good so they will just continue to keep an eye on my blood pressure. The doctor had a little difficulty finding the heartbeat at first which always makes me panic a bit. But she found him hiding in my right hip, exactly where Trysta seemed to prefer. How he can hide when I am sure my stomach resides in two zip codes is beyond me, but he did.

My mom came to town for Thanksgiving which had little Trysta very excited. I admit I not much of a cook. Don't misunderstand; I know how to cook, but I was born without that domestic gene that is found in women. I HATE cooking and other domestic chores that I won't admit in this journal. However, Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday so once a year I dust off the apron and bring out the pans. My mother and my sister on the other hand are wired to cook and make everything to scratch and it is WONDERFUL. Now let me plainly admit even on Thanksgiving I cheat. The pumpkin filling, while from scratch sits nestled above a Pillsbury pie crust and the rolls are yes again the product of my favorite chunky white chef. However, other than those two things the meal is from scratch. Mom quickly volunteered to prepare these ahead of time and bring them. She was surely saving me from some cardinal cooking sin. It is nerve-wracking to cook for someone who cooks so well. My husband is easy and is just so ecstatic to have me cook, it could all come from a box and he would be thrilled. I was quite apprehensive and I think my mom felt a little out of her element not being the one cooking. I probably asked her a million questions afraid to botch the stuffing and turkey. However, we survived and I thought it turned out well and my husband has been eating it for four days now so sufficient to say it must be edible.

We had a pleasant visit with my mom, even though I am afraid it may have been on the boring side for her. I get worn out so easily these days and what energy I may have is quickly sapped up by a certain clingy three year old who doesn't so much as let me pee without being present. Mom left on Sunday and when Trysta realized Grandma was gone it was the onslaught of when she would be back again. Sadly, I really don't know, which does not make little Trysta happy and she will be back to ask me a million times until my answer is today or tomorrow. It is at times like that I really hate being five hours away from my family. However, I realize at the same time as a military spouse I am extremely fortunate to live so close. DC is down the road compared to California and Hawaii which are always future possibilities.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and until next week . . .
~ Christy

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