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Week 28
~ Getting Ready for Christmas

Well it officially has begun . . . the point in my pregnancy when everyone asks me when I am due and I when I say February they look at me in utter shock and say "Are you having twins?" Yes, I realize my belly is huge and it gets to places well before I do these days. I heard the same thing with Trysta and no there are no twins just one very large boy who is shaping up to be as big as his sister. I heard from the doctor and while they didn't mention my sugar I was put on Vitron C for low iron. It appears that my iron is significantly lower than it should be and the doctor would like me to take the pills twice a day until my next appointment and they will test my blood, again. I am not overly surprised since my iron always runs on the low side which is funny because I eat so much red meat. Tyler appears to be growing right along and makes his presence known constantly; my belly always appears to be jumping these days. Does he ever stop? Another thing he must get from his big sister.

Speaking of Trysta she is on cloud nine and a constant bundle of excitement these days. We bought our Christmas tree this past weekend and it is up and decorated. We also bought her a small artificial three foot tree for her dresser which she and I decorated. Daddy has all of the decorations and lights up and the house is looking truly festive. Everyday she asks me if it is Christmas and if Santa can sleep over. I try to explain her that Santa can't sleep here on Christmas because he has to visit all of the little boys and girls. But Trysta is very concerned about Santa's well being and is sure he needs to take a nap so he won't be too tired. It is the first year that Trysta is truly old enough to understand Christmas and what it all entails. It also makes shopping a lot harder this year. She was so oblivious in the past we could shop with her. It is not an option this year and finding time without her to shop is next to impossible. I am sure I am going to have to take a day off work to accomplish this feat. It is also the first year that I won't be going home on Christmas Eve. Chris and I decided that Trysta was at the age where it was important she wake up in her own bed on Christmas Eve so she could wake up with all of her gifts at home. Plus it makes Santa finding her so much easier. We have yet to decide if after we open gifts we will head South to spend the holiday with my family or if this year it will be just us. Car rides, especially long car rides are miserable for me these days and sleeping is hard enough but to add a guest bed on top of that well it makes for a very grumpy me. It makes me sad to think about not being home, but I guess deep down you realize this day is going to come when you don't live down the road from your family. My whole family lives on the Outer Banks so it is much easier for my sisters to do their family thing and still visit with the rest of the family. Hopefully, next year will be a little easier without the pregnancy to contend with and we can make it home. I am sure Trysta's excitement will make it one of the best Christmases ever despite not being at home.

I have my next appointment scheduled for Tuesday, and I also am having a 4D ultrasound next week so hopefully I will have some pictures to share and updates on my little linebacker. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Until next week . . .
~ Christy

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