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Week 29
~ My Stubborn Children

It was a busy hectic week. My doctor's appointment went well, blood pressure was down and the doctor told me to keep up with Iron Supplement and I should be fine. The next appointment is on Christmas Eve. I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Work was nuts and I was so looking to my crazy, hectic weekend. Both of the children had pictures scheduled. Tyler had his 4D ultrasound scheduled for Saturday and Trysta was going to have her pictures taken with Santa in her new fancy red dress as she calls it. We also wanted to make a huge dent in our shopping and Sunday I had been volunteered by my husband to make a turkey and homemade stuffing for his Marines' Christmas Party.

Saturday started out great, it only took 2 hours to tame my daughter's wild hair and convince her that tights don't really hurt your skin. I admit it was a bit crazy on my end to get her ready first knowing we were going to do Tyler's ultrasound first but I didn't want to have to keep running back to the house. However, she did really well and other than pulling up her dress constantly she remained fairly intact. I was so excited about the ultrasound and couldn't wait to get a glimpse of my son again. He, on the other hand, was not so cooperative. We spent close to an hour trying to get him to turn his head and he would have no part of it. I contorted in every direction, jumped and down (yes, that was a sight), drank bottles of cold water and no, he was moving but determined not to turn his head, which was planted firmly in my hip. The tech was amazed he was so low at 29 weeks and informed me I must have to go pee every 10 minutes. It feels closer to five to me. It appears there is something about my right hip, because that is exactly where Trysta stayed and we had the same issues during her ultrasound but she at least finally caved. Tyler would not. The company has a good policy and only charges 50 dollars for a failed ultrasound. They also will credit the 50 dollars to your package purchase if you reschedule. I rescheduled for Thursday night and I plan to eat all kinds of crazy food prior to get him to move his head. I am determined.

Trysta and SantaAfter, the ultrasound we headed to get Trysta's Santa pictures done. The mall has two Santa Clauses this year. The first one had a coloring table and activities set up for the kids. Since the line was long I let Chris and Trysta play while I stood in line. Thirty minutes later it was our turn and Trysta informed me she did not want to get her picture with Santa and turned around and got out of line leaving me there almost near tears. I know it sounds silly but I spent so much time getting her ready and all I have heard about for weeks was this photo with Santa. We have had one for every year since she was born and each year it is a red Santa-like dress with white fur to match Santa. I am sure it was partially hormonal, but I was crushed. However, after a long conversation Trysta was ready, but the Santa was going on break. We decided to go see the other one. The line was equally long and seemed to move even slower. But finally it was our turn and then Trysta pulled the same stunt. I knew I was going to cry at this point. I would have offered her a car for this picture. I felt like a crazy lady trying to reason with a three year old on why she wanted to get her picture taken with Santa. Santa and my husband stepped in and somehow they convinced her. One flash and it was over and I had my picture. My husband thought I was insane getting all worked over a Santa picture and I am probably I am a little but I HAD to have this picture. I have included it this week to share the end result. I was hoping to have Tyler's this week as well, but hopefully he will cooperate next week.

Until next week . . .
~ Christy

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