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Week 30
~ Still No Picture

Well, Tyler was no more cooperative this week. Actually, it appears my body is the stubborn one. The tech told me my amnio fluid is all on the left side, where as Tyler's face is on the right side and my gigantic placenta is smooshing everything so she can't get enough fluid near his face. The attempts were even worse this time. They scheduled me two weeks out and told me to drink buckets of water to try to get more fluid in my system. So here I am gulping water by the gallon and peeing every five seconds.

I know every pregnancy is different but this third trimester is really wearing me out. I don't remember feeling so uncomfortable or having so much pain in my pelvic region with Trysta. It is this painful ache in my bones that gets aggravated by walking. If I walk too long I am near tears by the time I get to my destination. I walked and rode a stationary bike with Trysta and it always made me feel good, not worse. I guess I should mention this at my appointment which of all days is on Christmas Eve. My office is closing early so I have a feeling I will see very little of the work that day. My doctor has two offices or had two offices I should say. One location I am in and out in mere minutes and it is closer to work, but at the other my five minute visit is accompanied with about 2 hours of waiting which is very frustrating. I hate to wait. I have been very fortunate the last couple of months to get the closer office, but last appointment they were closing that office for remodeling and it won't reopen till the spring. I don't think that will help me with only 8 weeks to go.

Tyler is making his presence known more and more everyday; I truly beginning to wonder when he sleeps because it feels like he never stops dancing in there. My stomach is always in some state of contortion and it is quite a sight. My job was so low key the last time I was pregnant. However, this time around I am always running around and it is so weird to be in a meeting and feel my belly jumping around. I am sure he is going to move the table one of these days. I have to admit the movement is reassuring though it always lets me know he is with me and okay. Trysta was an acrobat but she would have long periods of quiet and I admit I would freak a little. I remember a couple times poking her constantly and jumping in the shower to get her to move and reassure her worrier of a Mommy.

Well only a few days till Christmas and for the first time in my life I am actually done shopping. I am a late shopper and find myself at the mall usually the day before Christmas which is horrible. However, not this year. I will be baking cookies for Santa and making a big meal for my husband, Trysta and I on Christmas Eve. Chris has been off since last Friday so he and Trysta went to see his family and won't return till Christmas Eve. I miss them like crazy but it helped me finish my shopping and now I just need to wrap. We decided to do Christmas at home so Santa wouldn't get lost and after Trysta opens her presents we will head to the Outer Banks to see my family as long as the doctor has no concerns. I just hope my body can keep up with the flurry of Christmas and the long drive home.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Till next week . . .
~ Christy

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