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Week 33
~ Still in Bed

TylerYou know those days when you wish you could spend the day in bed with nothing to do? Yeah, that seems to be my life these days and what they say is true "Be Careful What you wish for . . ." Fortunately, I am working from home so I still have some purpose each day, but really no one is counting on me. I stay in PJs all day and already know the TV line up for all 300 channels on my TV. Bedrest is certainly not for me. However, Tyler comes first and knowing that the longer he stays put the better keeps me horizontal for the most part. I have not dilated any further since my dramatic life style change which is good. Tyler has been as active as ever and getting comfortable is getting harder and harder. I feel that he couldn't possibly grow anymore and I am still 5 weeks from my C-Section. My skin feels like it is on fire constantly especially right beneath my breasts and sleep is almost non-existent. The fact that I don't sleep makes the whole bedrest idea even more ironic. I average about 4-5 hours a sleep a day and yet I am in bed or on the couch probably 23 hours a day.

The biggest adjustment has been with Trysta. She was used to me taking her to daycare everyday and typically picking her up. It has been difficult explaining to her that mommy can't drive these days and that daddy has to take her. I look fine and nothing seems out of place so it makes little sense to her. It is hard when she wants me to pick her up or even when she wants to sit on my lap. She seems to take no notice that mom's lap is all but gone and her rambunctious activity causes me a great deal of pain. I am so tender all of the time and it doesn't make much to make me wince. My husband is always snapping at her to get off at me which makes her upset and me feel so horrible. It is so hard; I know he doesn't mean to snap but he worries about me but I know she doesn't really understand. We are working on ways to cuddle her that are a little less painful for me and still make her feel loved but it is a process. She has been such a little helper. She loves getting me drinks and making sure I am adequately covered even when I am burning up. I know she will be a great big sister.

We did finally manage to get that facial picture of Tyler. It is was only one and after three visits it was hard won but I have included it with this posting. It appears my son has the chunkiest face ever and is so smooshed his lips and nose seem to fade to one. The picture just reiterates my thought that he can't possibly have anywhere to grow. He looks absolutely huge but that is the one upside about having to have a C-section.

Till next week . . .
~ Christy

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