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Week 34
~ No Change . . . Still Here

I am sorry to say that life in bed is pretty dull. Tyler is staying put and there has been no change. The doctor would like to attribute this to me staying in bed. I can't exactly argue the point unless I disregard her bedrest order and reclaim my life which I am not willing to do just to prove the bedrest is a waste of time. Whether it's the lack of activity or the pains of the third trimester any activity these days is miserable. I get worn out just walking up the stairs to my room. I am so ready to feel human again. I can't sleep; I try to lay on my left side as my doctor has insisted because of my blood pressure and yet I feel my son squirming so much I feel as if I may truly crush him. Yes, my blood pressure continues to climb and registered a high 143/92 which greatly concerns my doctor and reiterates that it is another reason for me to stay in bed. The upside is that I am showing no other signs of preeclampsia so they just want to monitor it closely. I have to keep an eye out for any significant swelling and headaches. So far no headaches or swelling so I am just laying around waiting.

My daughter is a big helper and takes good care of me. She likes to help me put lotion on my belly and feet which have become incredibly dry. The funny thing is the other day she helped me with lotion and she insisted on using one of her toys to rub the lotion as if she was doing an ultrasound or listening to the heart. It is obvious she pays very close attention when we go to the doctor.

The upcoming week will be a bit chaotic well at least for my husband. He is involved in the inauguration of the new president and will be gone quite a bit leading up to the inauguration. However, my sister is coming to visit so that I have help. I can't wait to see her and my nephew and my little niece. I can hardly believe she is almost 5 months already. And I have to say probably the world's sweetest baby. She never really cries and giggles all the time, even when upset it is more like a little whimper. It has been a while but when Trysta got upset as a baby there were balled fists and this purplish, red face. I am curious if her brother will follow in her footsteps. She was diagnosed with severe acid reflux which accounted for a lot of the fits. I pray that we don't go through that again. However, we are more aware of the signs and have been down the road before and will be prepared if he should have the same condition. It took them months to figure out what was wrong with Trysta and it was finally a seizure and a five day stay in the hospital and countless tests that revealed the severity of her reflux.

As the days pass I find myself more and more curious about what kind of baby Tyler will be. February 13th is only a few weeks away and soon my little angel boy will be here and be a huge REALITY. It also makes me realize I am not ready. I have a lot to do and it is really hard to do from my horizontal position. Thank goodness for internet shopping.

Well, till next week . . .
~ Christy

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