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Week 35
~ Still Hanging On

Well the inauguration managed to monopolize my husband's entire weekend and most of the following week so we didn't see much of him. My sister came down to help me out so I wasn't alone. Due to the masses of people the roads in and out of DC were shut down. It wouldn't have surprised anyone if this would have been when Tyler decided to come. However, he managed to stay put and I got a long visit with my sister which was so nice. She also brought my baby niece and my nephew which was great. My daughter is truly obsessed with the baby, however I did see the claws a couple of times. It was usually when her dad managed to make a brief appearance. She did not enjoy it when he paid too much attention to the baby. However, if he held both girls it seemed to stop the jealousy. It will be interesting to see how she will be with Tyler. She is very helpful, volunteering to throw diapers away and get bottles. It is so cute watching her try to be a little mommy and yet a little nerve wracking. Trysta is what you would refer to a "wrecking ball in a china shop." We always joke that she will love someone to death. She is a little heavy handed so with a baby she has to be carefully watched because it is okay to drag your baby doll around the room by one leg but real babies not so much!

Tyler continues to stay put and I continue to become more miserable. I have a headache that I can't seem to shake. I am prone to headaches but since pregnant they have really backed off so this one is really making me miserable. Tylenol of course doesn't touch it, but then I have never been a big fan of Tylenol for headaches. I am battling the end of the cold with the lingering cough so between the headache and the cough I really just want to lie down. However, ironically I can't get comfortable when I lay down. I am waking up close to every hour and then it takes forever to fall back to sleep. I have found some interesting things on TV at these late hours. I toss and turn so much that I fear I am keeping my husband awake so most nights I creep down to the couch. I am convinced the end of the pregnancy misery is our body's way of preparing us for the new baby and lack of sleep that he will bring. I was told with the first one that the way to combat this was to sleep when the baby slept. Unfortunately, I have never been able to take naps. Trysta would sleep so good during the day and I just couldn't sleep that time of day no matter how tired I was. I always felt worse afterwards if I took a nap. Plus these were the times I could pick up the house and actually SHOWER.

My next appointment is 36 weeks and the doctor said if I didn't go into labor this week that they would no longer stop the baby and therefore I wouldn't have to spend quite so much time in bed. I can't wait to be able to get up and function. The bedrest really put a halt on preparing for Tyler and I feel that I have so much to do. I requested not to have a baby shower because I was stuck in bed and other than the nursery Chris and I have not begun to shop for Tyler. My sister bought me the car seat and stroller combo which arrived this week. I tried to shop online but it just isn't the same so I can't wait to be allowed in public again.

Less than three weeks left till Tyler gets here. I can hardly believe it!

Till next week,
~ Christy

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