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Week 36
~ Uncomfortable & Counting the Days

My headache simply won't go away. I have taken Tylenol constantly but still here it is. I have had blood pressure that is high my entire pregnancy so the headache is causing me some concern. However, my doctor told me to carefully watch swelling and I am not swelling. I actual still have ankle bones, but then I am almost never on my feet. My doctor decided to go ahead and run some blood work just to be on the safe side. I also had my Strep B test. They did a sonogram of the baby; it wasn't necessary in my case because the presentation of the baby is irrelevant but they did it anyone so I could take a look at my baby. He was in the correct position and just as beautiful as ever. It was nice to see him, again. It always makes the discomfort worth it. And it has been a very uncomfortable pregnancy. Sleep is almost non-existent. I simply can't get comfortable anymore. It doesn't matter where or how I lay because the pain in my hips and stomach keep me awake.

I know that soon it will be over and Tyler will be here and life will or at least my body will get back to some semblance of normal, again. I believe we are actually ready. I have more clothes than I could ever imagine, bottles, diapers, car seat, stroller, play pen, etc . . . I truly think I have all bases covered. My bag is packed and by the door. I planned to be really ready this time. Trysta was two weeks early and I was so consumed on getting ready for Chris to get back from Iraq that while the nursery ready I never prepared myself. I went to the hospital with nothing sure they were going to send me home. My poor husband ended up having to shop and buy me the necessities. Unfortunately, my belly was still so extended with air after my C-section the clothes and pjs he got me were way too small. My feet and ankles were so swollen the socks and slippers wouldn't even slip on my feet.

I am prepared this time, lots of loose, comfy pajamas and big socks. I read up on what or what not to pack just in case I forgot something and it actually had a do not bring list. They mentioned not to bring work. Hmmmm . . . so the lap top and piles of paper sitting in my briefcase should not be joining me? I can't remember what I did in the hospital for those four days last time. I imagine the visits will be less this time around. My family is so far away and we know so few people here. I may need the work just to keep myself occupied. I have high hopes that I will feel super and raring to go. My doctor assures me a planned c-section is so much less stressful then going through all the stages up to pushing and then having a c-section. I am so holding her to that. I was so worn out last time. They kept me on liquids almost the entire time and they had to put my catheter back in twice because I was unable to pee. I would get so nauseous at night that they had to keep giving me an IV with Phenergan each night so I would not get sick. I believe that was the most wonderful drug; it knocked me right out and took the sickness away. I really hope this time is different.

Well, only two weeks left . . . and I am counting the minutes.

Till next week,
~ Christy

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