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Entry 2
~ A Whole New World

dylanAfter coming home from the hospital I felt like I was in a daze. This wasn't my life that I had left a few days ago. This was a whole new world. I felt pretty unsure about my surroundings. I had tried so hard to find a house that was right for us before Dylan was born. Now we were still in the townhouse and nothing was set up for him. I wanted to run back to the hospital where everything was provided for me with the push of a button!

John was the greatest help. He managed everything while Dylan and I rested. Walking was still difficult and I had 16 stairs to go up and down everyday (yes I counted!). I didn't know what I was going to do when he went back to work.

Eventually I did heal up. I was able to sit down like a normal person and walk mostly normal. Sometimes I would catch myself waddling! It was strange how my belly just went away. I went in for my six week check up and they told me I was supposed to have my stitches checked after two weeks. No one told me! They set me up on a birth control. Everything looked ok down there besides a little part that wasn't fully healed but probably just because we didn't wait the six weeks to get intimate again.

DylanMy breast pumping was going well. I pumped every three hours and Dylan enjoyed his bottles every three hours. He really was happy and slept most of the time. At night I would get up with him. He did not like his bassinette at all. Too many times I fell asleep with him on my chest or lying next to me. My back was hurting from sitting against the wall when I fed him. My neck hurt from sleeping on my side with him next to me. I finally had enough. Dylan really loved sleeping in his bouncy chair during the day so one night I slept downstairs will him in his chair. When he woke up to eat I was comfortable on the couch with my Bobby (LOVE that thing!) and he went right back to sleep in his chair so I got more sleep! I did this for a few weeks and the only downside was I missed snuggling with John.

Then John was laid off of work and we had a whole week together as a family before I went back to work. It was so nice and peaceful. Once I went back to work John slept downstairs on the couch with Dylan in his chair and I got to sleep in our bed again. Right away I had trouble sleeping. I was used to getting up in the middle of the night! Can you believe it? Also I hated sleeping alone and had to keep myself from running downstairs every time I heard a cry. Enough of this torture! I had John and his dad put together the crib and we made room in the computer room somehow. Now all we needed was to get Dylan to sleep in the crib.

The worst part about this was getting John on board. It was so easy for Dylan to sleep in his chair but he needed to sleep in his crib. I had to keep repeating this to John when I found him on the couch many mornings. I would take over on the weekends and work real hard to get Dylan to sleep in his bed and then on John's nights he would erase all my hard work! It was frustrating but after explaining to him what he was doing he finally stopped giving in. Dylan would cry for a little bit. Most of the time if you moved in slow-motion to lay him down after he fell asleep in your arms, he would stay asleep for the three hours until his next feeding time.

Dylan in cribThe problem with living in a town house is having the stairs to deal with. If Dylan fell asleep downstairs you had to carry him upstairs carefully to bed, moving as fast as a snail and don't you dare sneeze or cough! Also we only have one changing table, and that is downstairs. In the middle of the night we lay a mat under him and change his diaper right there in his crib. This would be fine if it didn't hurt your back so much leaning over like that.

Plus, the stairs are a pain when you need clean bibs, clothes, and anything else! His bathtub has a permanent residence on our dining room table (not that we use the table anyway). The only shower is upstairs so when I would get him asleep in his chair for a nap I would run upstairs to shower and hated it! John takes really fast showers like every other man I've ever known. It is so much easier for him to run up and take a shower while Dylan sleeps.

Sleep, eat, poop . . . that's Dylan's daily list of "Things To Do." We have a little play time during the afternoon and then evening before bed. He grows so fast and learns so much. We love our little boy!


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