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Entry 4
~ Merry Christmas!

I can't believe we are already into the New Year 2011!!! I need to update you all about our wonderful first Christmas!

Christmas Eve we went to John's dad's house and ate the traditional sarmas that his dad makes. We opened presents and Dylan got a bouncer! They set it up right there and plopped him in. At first he didn't really know what to do but he liked the flashing lights and music. We helped him bounce. He looked like such a big boy!

Afterwards we went home to unload everything. Then it was time to go to what my family calls "The Xmas House". This man decorates his yard with so many decorations. He hands out free popcorn, hot chocolate, and candy. You walk around the whole house and look at the decorations. We always take lots of pictures. It was cold but Dylan didn't seem bothered. I had him wrapped up nice and warm. He loved all the lights and was so fascinated with everything going on. We had a really nice time.

I was so nervous that Dylan would be completely off schedule, not get his naps in, not have enough milk, etc. Everything went fine! We woke up early like usual Christmas morning and I pumped, showered, and got everything ready to go. I had made peanut butter balls and chocolate covered cherries to bring to everyone's house. We also made a beef cheese ball that was so delicious. When we were chopping the ingredients up in the food processor I had to distract Dylan (the first time we turned it on he started crying).

I got Dylan all dressed up in his Christmas outfit. We all wore red. We sat on the floor and he opened his presents! He actually did a really good job at it. It was so adorable. We got our first Christmas on video and then headed out to my parents' house first. Once we got there, I passed Dylan off to everyone else. I'm attached to him but I'm not a hog. My dad made us breakfast. I jumped in to help all the kids separate the presents into piles for who they were for. Dylan sat in a bouncy chair next to me and I helped him open presents. I start the unwrapping. He liked to grab the paper and try to eat it. He got a lot of cute toys, diapers, and a walker! We spent time there and Dylan got a short nap. Then it was time to go.

We made a quick trip home. Not really quick though. We had to unload everything and then load all the stuff for John's mom's house. His sister was bugging us to hurray up but we didn't. She has no kids so she doesn't understand how hard it is to just get out the door!

We arrived and Dylan was sleeping in his car seat. We left him in Grandma's room to get his nap. He actually slept for a while. It was great because we had dinner and relaxed. When he woke up we opened presents.

The whole day Dylan was such a happy baby! He always is smiling and laughing everyday but especially on Christmas. It was really great. I was glad the timing worked out so he got his naps/feeding in just right. Also, every three hours I was pumping during the whole day and that worked out fine too.

Next year, however, we plan on staying home more. It was fun but a lot of running around to do with a baby.

Christmas was brought to life again because of our little bundle of joy!


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