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Entry 7 - March 15, 2011
~ Onward! Onward!

Dad and DylanIt feels like a lot of time has passed. There are so many things going on with family, friends, and our new house. Our closing date is in less than two weeks! We will finally be home owners. As exciting as this is, it is also very stressful. I am trying to handle each issue at a time and plowing through to closing day.

Good news is John's uncle runs a company and offered to hire John! It would be a great opportunity for him to work by himself and be his own boss. He also will get a work truck. I am excited that John will have a job he can enjoy.

dylanLast month the state fair was in town and we went on Valentine's Day. It was fun and we ate so many greasy, fried goodies. Dylan was unsure of where the heck we had taken him. He mostly slept through it all. At one point we where in the noisy ride area and he got really upset. I held him and walked around for a while but the sun was so bright that he just looked at the ground. John wouldn't let me have Dylan feed the animals! He worries too much about germs. That was the longest time I went without pumping. There was no way I was going to pump in the bathroom. I could have set up at a table in the big building with my shawl covering but it seemed like too much of a hassle. Ever since that day I have been pumping less frequently. I usually pump every three hours but barely get four ounces. When I skip a pump, the next time I have six or seven ounces so it is not like I am losing any (or much). I actually like skipping my evening pump so I spend all my time with Dylan. After he goes to bed I pump.

Dad and Dylan making musicWe went to the park the other day and had a lot of fun! Dylan rode the swing with each of us and we went down the slide. We even put him in his stroller without the car seat for the first time. He looks like such a grown boy sitting in there! He has really gotten good at sitting up on his own now.

Dylan is eating a lot more. At his six month check up the doctor said we should add one more meal to his schedule. Now everyday he gets fruits, vegetables, and some meat. Mostly he likes everything we give him. Lately he has been getting fussy in his high chair. I can't understand if he is uncomfortable, full, or just lazy. One minute he is yelling because I am not getting the spoon to his mouth fast enough. Then he is pressing his lips together! It is strange and frustrating. I am hoping this is just another phase.

dylanDid I tell you he says "dada" now? It is adorable! I am a bit jealous. I blame it on work. It's not fair that John is home with him all day probably saying "dada" all the time! Unlike most babies, I actually said "mama" first. I sort of hoped I could get Dylan to do the same. Oh well, it is still too cute every time he does it. Most weekends we wake up around 7 o'clock hearing him jabbering in his crib "dada dada dada". That's my opportunity to say "Oh honey, Dylan is calling for you!"

Swinging!The other super cute and adorable thing Dylan does is growling! It is so funny and weird! We growl and make funny noises when playing with him. I guess he learned to imitate it and he does it a lot now that he gets so much attention for it. It is a deep in the throat growl and the oddest noise to hear coming out of a baby. Now he's learned to growl at appropriate moments, like when I pulled his bottle away to adjust the pillow and he looked at me and "grrrrr"!

Mommy and dylanDylan is a comedian already at seven months old. Also, we can't get over how handsome he is! When I bring out the camera he looks right at it and smiles. I have never known such a photogenic baby. He really loves looking at himself in the mirror too! I foresee moving into my giant mansion given to me but my sweet comedian/actor/model son. Wouldn't that be grand?

Next month when I write we will be in our new home! It's not a mansion but will feel like it to us!


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