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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ Sick, Sick, Still Sick!!

When we first found out about our little coming joy, the nurse that set the appointment guessed I was 11 weeks along. I was already feeling sick since Christmas. Most people said that this would go away after the first trimester. So I was very happy to know that it would be over soon. I had no idea that morning sickness was an all day thing! I think it's very tricky how all the women out there never mentioned this!

Our first doctor's appointment: We both took the whole day off of work and it was smart that we did! The first lesson learned: Never make a morning appointment. Apparently that is when everyone makes an appointment! We waited for over an hour. Then I did paperwork, blood work, etc. Finally we saw the doctor and after examining me she says "Oh it's small, you're probably not as far along as we thought." They did a sonogram and John and I got to see our baby for the first time. It was a little Jellybean!! We even saw the heart beat on the monitor. That moment made it feel very real for the both of us.

The doctor measured the baby and said it was only 7 weeks and 3 days. "You'll have to be pregnant a month longer!" she tells me. Oh my.

Before we leave I told her about the nausea and vomiting. She assures me "by the time you see us again you will start to feel like a human being."

Week after week passes by . . .

It is 12 weeks and we go in for our second visit. After five of the longest weeks ever, I am still not feeling better! So much for feeling human. At this visit we did an ultrasound and got to see the baby again! This time it is more than the little Jellybean that we first saw. The baby has eyes, nose, fingers, toes! We watched it wiggle around. Its ankles were crossed, almost as if it was just lounging there inside of me. The nurse took measurements of the body and heartbeat that we got to hear for the first time! It was amazing, active, and alive!

UltrasoundAll the weeks of suffering are forgotten when I looked at our baby so content and wiggly! If only ultrasounds were available for use at home every day. I would never get tired of checking up on our little one, watching it grow day by day, and listening to that fast Thump Thump!

Now at 14 weeks I am still not over the "morning" sickness. Some days I feel good for a few hours. I really have no appetite. I eat because I need to but there are no serious cravings. I've been nauseous for about nine weeks now and I'm pretty much used to it.

I must seem so boring and depressing to everyone! When I come home from work I lay down on the couch for the rest of the night. On the weekends I lay on the couch the whole time. I feel lazy but when I move around too much I feel so nauseous.

John is my hero. From the moment we found out my stomach sickness was due to a little creation growing inside of me he has been helpful beyond compare. I'm allowed to sit and relax while he handles dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping. (After one scary day at the store when I thought I was going to lose it I decided I wasn't up to going anymore). Who has ever had their guy get them drinks, food, whatever they need/want all while they sit on the couch?? Everyone tells me I am a spoiled girl and I agree! I'm so very lucky.

Poor John eats pot pies, pizza rolls, soup, and chips for dinner all the time. I eat plain whole wheat bread for dinner. It's what I like. John's mom (Grandma!) still comes over to my cubicle every morning. Instead of asking how our kitties and "her boy" are, now she asks "how are you feeling?" You can tell she's super excited about being a grandma. I told John he's not Number 1 anymore!


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