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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ Bump and Thump

After waiting and waiting, I have a baby bump! It's almost as if I went to bed with a normal tummy, and woke up to a little pouch. Ever since then it's like my belly grows a little bit everyday! It is amazing and wonderful. John loves it. He wants it to get bigger and bigger! Constantly he is looking at or touching my belly and we talk about our little one growing inside.

I always said when I became pregnant I wasn't going to:

1. Whine all the time about my aches, pains, changes, etc.
2. Talk about the baby 24/7.
3. Stop doing normal activities.
4. Eat a lot of junk food.
5. Request a lot of help from John.

Somehow I find myself guilty of all of the above! Everything going on in my body is so new and different and unexpected. Even if I was told about all these changes I would never understand them and appreciate them like I do now that I am experiencing it all.

So yes--I do whine when I donít feel good or Iím uncomfortable. We talk about the baby alllll the time! I stopped doing everything when I was going through ďmorningĒ sickness. I love chocolates, sweets, and sour candy right now. I do ask John to get me more this or that and heís been the best partner through all of it.

Now that Iím going through it, I understand that itís ok. This is a big change in our life and everything is different now.

I had my doctorís visit on Wednesday. When John leaves work early, he doesnít get paid for it. And neither does his dad since they ride to work together. So since this visit wasnít anything interesting, I went alone. After having my body fluids taken, I met up with the doctor for a quick visit. She surprised me by pulling a little gadget out of her pocket. We were going to listen to the heart. Now I was a little bummed because I didnít want John to miss anything and they didnít tell me I would hear the heart beforehand. Plus my phone was in my purse on the counter and I just felt weird about asking if I could record it. Next time I am not going to be so shy! Everyone keeps requesting that I record it for them. So anyway, the doctor puts the goo on my belly and moves the thing around. We could hear the baby moving all over the place! I guess we have a little wiggle worm. The doctor chased the baby around for a while because it kept moving away from the small pressure of her pushing with the Doppler thing. After a few moments, there was the clear and beautiful sound of our babyís heartbeat. It sounded very strong and very fast. The doctor said it was a little over 140 beats per minute. According to Old Wives Tales that would mean we are having a girl . . . but I know scientifically thatís not true. The next doctorís visit is the big one where we find out what it is!!!

I did have a dream a few nights ago that I was holding my baby girl and trying to get her to breast feed from my left breast. She attached and tried to get milk but it just wasnít working right and didnít feel correct. So I switched her over to my right breast and she attached and started drinking right away. I know this was only a dream but I swear my nipples were hurting. I leaned down to kiss her cheek and I could smell the milk. For some reason it smelled funny to me. Not like it was bad but I donít know what breast milk smells like and it was different than I thought.

Since my belly keeps growing every day, my clothes are becoming a little uncomfortable. All my shirts seem too short. They ride up and I am constantly pulling them down. So Mr. and Mrs. Hermit went out on Saturday! We went shopping and had a great lunch at Chileís--on me--as a Thank You to John for all his patience and help. I got my first maternity shirt. John says I look like a momma in it. I felt silly at first because it is really long but thatís so Iíll be able to wear it for a while. I wore it to work and received all sorts of compliments. Now I canít wait to get some more maternity clothes!


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