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Week 18
~ Birthday Mama!

18 weeksI had my first birthday as a mommy! I am now 23 years old though I don't really feel like I got any older. My cubicle at work was super decorated when I came in. Mine is always a little extra done because up until my pregnancy I was the "Birthday" person at work. I passed around the card to be signed and decorated all the cubicles. When I was morning sick I decided to pass this joy on to some other co-workers.

Once a month we have cake for all that month's birthdays in our department. Since my birthday was on a Friday (we always do cake on Friday) and I suggested it, we had cake on my birthday! All of us met in the auditorium and the March Babies had to stand in the front of the room while over 30 amateur singers sang the Happy Birthday song. It was cute. As I walked back to my seat all the ladies (there are very few men in our office) could be heard exclaiming: "Look at that pooch!" and similar expressions. I was blushing so much by the time I sat down! It's great though. I really love showing off my growing bump.

For my birthday dinner we went to Olive Garden. It was really good. We had not been there in soooooo long.

I am really loving carbs right now! I also eat eggs everyday. I learned a while back that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Just put the eggs and a little milk and stir like normal. Then cook for 45 seconds. Stir it up and cook another 45 seconds. Then I add my shredded Mexican cheese and ripped up pieces of salami (ham is good too) and cook it all for another 15-30 seconds. It is so quick and easy. I've heard good and bad things about eggs while you are pregnant so I'm really not sure what to believe. I know the baby and I love eggs. It fills me up for longer and I feel happy wiggles in my belly. smile

Talk to you next week!


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