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Week 19
~ Lots of Wiggles and Kicks!

Not much to report about this week besides all the movement going on inside of me all of a sudden! Now that the baby is getting bigger, I am feeling more and stronger kicks and wiggles. I'm not sure if this is a good sign for the rest of the pregnancy. About half way through and it's already this strong?

It really and truly is so amazing. I love every time that I feel my baby. Sometimes right before going to the doctor I get so nervous wondering how the baby is doing in there, but now itís like I get daily reports.

Every morning when the alarm goes off I lay in bed, sitting up a little, and feel the bumps and pokes from the baby. When I'm hungry I feel kicks. After I eat it's like there's a happy dance going on in there. Certain times of the day I don't feel anything but I get kind of sleepy. I don't know if it's just in my head but I think that's when the baby is sleeping.

For some reason, I can be feeling the baby kick but the moment John puts his hand on my belly it stops! Poor daddy really wanted to feel the baby. So I put his hand on my belly the other night and was determined that the baby would really kick for him. I pressed my hand on John's and pushed his fingers in a little to get Baby's attention. I wasn't really poking the baby, just pushing a little where I had recently felt it move. We sat and waited . . . and waited . . . then POW!!! The biggest kick I had ever felt hit right into John's hand, and I jumped so badly! It was hilarious. Between laughing I said to John, "You felt that one right?!" Oh Yeah!

Guess whatís next week? We get to find out . . . BOY OR GIRL!!! Can you tell Iím excited?????!!!


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