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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Prince or Princess?

ultrasound profileI was counting down the days until our appointment this week. Then I was counting down the hours! I had to work until 3 o'clock and everyone was asking me when, when, when? Before leaving work I had to promise that I would post the results on my profile. Also, John would text his sister, who would call their mom, who would tell everyone that was still at work. With everyone holding their breaths, it was finally time to go and I rushed home to pick up John.

We were a little early and the office was pretty crowded for that time of day. They got us in on time and we went back to one of the little ultrasound rooms. I'm so glad they take care of that first since you have to have a full bladder! The goo was squirted on my belly and we were finally able to see the baby!

It's always beyond amazing to be able to see our little kicker. I know there is a child growing inside of me but sometimes it seems like a dream, just so unreal.

The technician took measurements of the head and captured a great profile picture. She showed us the blood flow in the umbilical cord and brain. We saw the spine, arms, face, and the little heart. The tech said according to the machine, our baby is 15 oz!

After the checkup was completed and all the measurements taken she said, "Alright now let's find out what you're having." She moved to a different angle . . . and what did we see? Closed legs! So she told me to go to the bathroom, and maybe jump around a little to see if we could get the baby to open up. I did and came back to the room to have goo put on me again. The moment she touched the thing to my belly she said . . .

"It's a boy!"

I was like "Wow, you can tell already?" and John exclaimed "Yes!" We could see it on the TV clear as day. Our baby is a boy! We were so happy to find out what it is. Now It is not an It anymore. It is a he! All of a sudden I am thinking about a blue/green baby room, baseball games, and John teaching him to play guitar.

We went back out to the waiting room to wait for the next part of the visit. John stepped outside so he could call his dad and give him the good news. This is his dad's first grandson! John has two older half sisters that live in different states and they both have daughters. His older sister Jen that I work with has no kids. So it is the first grandbaby for his mom but the first grandson for his dad. I posted the news on my profile and texted it to a bunch of people. That got the information out to everyone quick!

ultrasound faceWe were called back in to have our visit with the doctor. Of course we had to wait in the room for a while. The whole time everyone was texting congratulations to us and replying to my profile announcement. John was going on and on about having a boy and could barely sit still.

The doctor came in and said that everything looks fine and all the tests are normal. John exclaimed "Yes!" again. A healthy baby is the best news! We are very excited to be having a boy though we would have been happy either way. We are naming him Dylan Thomas. Thomas is John's middle name and Dylan is just a name that popped in my head one day. Now everyday John asks me, "How's Dylan?" He is so proud to be having a son! Every time I think about it I feel like I'm at the top of a roller coaster.

We're having a son!


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