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Week 21
~ Scan and Beep

21 weeksI really didnít plan on being a "themeĒ crazy mom. I figured I would just get the cheapest bed set and baby room things because I donít like money to be wasted just so my kidís hamper can match the window curtains. Well, this all changed when I saw all the cute collection sets they have!

John had Friday off since he was working on Saturday night so I decided to call in to work. Of course when I called in my boss asks, "Is everything ok?". I assured her I was fine and everything was fine with the baby. I was just taking a personal day. Then I had to call John's mom. Since we work together, I always call her when I take a day off so she won't be worried. With all that all done, John and I started our day of registering!

We scanned so many items and just had a blast thinking of all the things Dylan will need and like! Most men, I think, would not like spending their day off work going to three different stores and scanning items for hours and hours. John is not like any other man I've ever known. It was so cute seeing how interested he was in helping make decisions on what to get. He was so excited and we both had a really great time.

All three of us had a great time, I should say! Dylan was kicking so much all day long it was like he knew we were thinking of him. When we stopped for lunch I was having a hard time eating because there were so many kicks and we were laughing at his cute little personality.

I tell you, by the time we arrived home about six hours later, we were exhausted! For the rest of the day we relaxed with a nice feeling of accomplishment.

The "theme" for Dylan's room is Safari/Jungle animals. I've had this latch hook kit since I was a teenager that will end up being a baby cheetah on a tree branch. I had started it way back when and then got bored with it. Now I am determined to finish it since it will go great in Dylan's room!


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