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Week 24
~ Yummy Fruit Punch

BellyCan you believe I'm already at 6 months?? Time is really flying by!

This week was another doctor visit. I definitely went to this visit alone because it was time to test for gestational diabetes. Before I went I heard all sorts of horror stories from recent mommies at work. Apparently I was going to drink some nasty horrible shake, wait a whole agonizing hour, and then be tested. This is why I don't stress about everything that experienced mommies tell me. Though it's helpful to have an idea about what's going to happen, I tend to hear a lot of exaggerated stories.

I love my doctor's office. I always go in the afternoons because it is never as busy. I'm also early so by my appointment time I am called in for the check up with the nurse. After the regular weight, fluid, and blood pressure check she asked me which flavor drink I wanted and I picked Fruit Punch (as suggested by multiple moms that had suffered through orange and lime). There was another pregnant woman in there that gave me a thumbs up and told me "Good choice!" The nurse got the plastic bottle of Fruit Punch drink out of the fridge. It wasn't bad at all! It didn't taste horrible. There was a little medicine type flavor but not overwhelming. It was just a drink, not a thick shake like I was led to believe. They started the timer for my long hour wait and I pulled out my book and read.

After a peaceful hour of reading, my blood was taken for testing. I'm not bothered by needles at all and that is a very good thing when you are pregnant! If you are afraid of needles and become pregnant you will learn to deal with it because every time I go to the doctor they take my blood! So the whole gestational diabetes testing was not bad at all for me. It could just be because my doctor's office is awesome. smile

Every time I go to the doctor I visit with a different doctor. There are so many that they make sure you meet them all because you never know which one will be on call when it's actually time for you to deliver. This way you can at least say you've met the doctor that will be "down there" during delivery (though I am told at that point you don't really care who sees you). The doctor listened to Dylan's heart beat. 153! It sounded really strong. She measured my belly. Everything is great! Next month's visit I will be in my third trimester and then I start going in every two weeks until the last month when I go in once a week. It really makes it feel so close to the finale! smile


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