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Week 25
~ In Motion

For a little while there I felt like I was at a stand-still but now things are in motion again! I finally put in my application to be pre-qualified for a loan. We'll see how that goes. I'm not getting my hopes up too much. If we can't buy a house we can move into something cheaper to rent.

I set up my maternity leave with the insurance. I started a "profile" with them. Basically they have all my information so when I leave my boss lets them know and everything is already set. Since I plan to work all the way to when it's time to deliver I won't know the exact dates of my leave. I like to joke with my co-workers about going into labor here at work! That would be hilarious. I can just see all the ladies going nuts!

John and I plan to get married on June 9th. That is our four year anniversary. We are just going to the courthouse. Afterwards we will have dinner with family and friends at a restaurant. The next day we plan to go to the beach (just the three of us) and relax all day. I already have a pregnancy bathing suit. We are really looking forward to becoming husband and wife! smile

I like to have a plan. It feels nice to know that some of my ducks are getting in a row. I can breathe a little easier now!


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