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Week 27
~ Burn Baby Burn

Ciara at the beachWe went to the beach and I finally got to wear my pregnancy bathing suit. We hadn't been to the beach in literally years! Some people think when you live in Florida you go to the beach all the time. We're proof this is not true. I can't even remember the last time we went to a pool.

I covered myself in SPF 45 lotion before we left. I sat under a big umbrella we got just for me. We were worried about me overheating. I only went in the water once and that was for a short time. I smothered more lotion all over multiple times during the day.

Guess what? I got burnt. All the precautions I took and still, I got burnt.

My thighs, feet, front of my arms, and the saddest of all - my big pregnant belly got burnt. I was in so much pain the next day. I put aloe all over but it still hurt to move! After a few days the burning stopped and was replaced by itching. The itching led to peeling. Now I am mostly done peeling except for my legs.

It still was a nice day full of relaxing. I know Dylan liked it. He was kicking and stretching the whole time. A lot of people say babies can see bright lights and feel the warmth of the sun.

We saw so many babies there. It was fun to watch them play in the sand and go out in the water in their daddy's arms. We can't wait until it's our turn!


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