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Week 28
~ Togetherness

CiaraSince our wedding is coming up next week, I have been thinking more and more about my family. There has always been drama throughout the years with them (and I think there always will be). Last year so much happened that I couldn't even describe here because it is such a long story that I could seriously write a book. Believe me that the only option was to separate myself from my family and recover.

We've had talks about what I wanted to do regarding my family and Dylan. I could continue to be separate from them but only at a great cost. If we reconciled down the road, I could never replace the moments they missed.

CiaraAfter thinking long and hard, I emailed my mother telling her I would like to reconcile because I want them to be a part of the big steps I'm taking in my life right now. Her response was a heartbreaking, "I miss you so much and love you with all my heart."

We met up for dinner--my mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend and their two kids and my little sister. It was a very nice evening and I felt like everything in the past was pushed away.

It really makes me look forward to my wedding even more now. All my family and John's family will be there. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders!

Ciara and kittiesIn the World of Dylan, I went to the doctor this week. Everything was fine and normal. I go back in 3 weeks and then I start going every two weeks. It's really winding down!

John plays his guitar for the baby and reads to him. Dylan loves music! It's like he starts dancing. More than anything, he loves daddy's voice! He already has a little personality! We love him so much and I cannot say enough--We can't wait!!!


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