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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ Married Mama!!

WeddingHere comes the bride . . . The morning of our wedding day--June 9th--John and I both were wide awake at 3 o'clock in the morning! I guess we were excited. I know I was really hungry! So we went downstairs to eat and watch TV. We fell back asleep for a few hours but I had to get to the hair dresser so I forced myself awake. There was so much to do!


Before I jumped in the shower I checked my phone and there is a text message from my step-dad and a voicemail both asking me to call him immediately. My mom had a heart attack! Apparently around 3 in the morning (coincidence that we were up then?) she had chest pains and went to the ER. She was stable but it looked like she might have another heart attack at any time. Amazingly through all that she was asking if she could get out in time to see our wedding! Uh, NO! After being sure she was ok, I continued getting ready for the day. The show must go on!

While at the hair place, I get a text from John that his brand new tie is all messed up. Most likely this happened when we washed it. Note: do not wash your tie in the washing machine.

WeddingHe also was frustrated with trying to learn how to tie a tie on the internet since neither of us had ever learned to tie one!

Once my hair was completed and looking fabulous I stopped at McDonald's for lunch to bring home. I was so starving! Dylan had been kicking me the whole 2 1/2 hours I was getting my hair done. Note: if you are pregnant and getting your hair fixed up, eat plenty beforehand, and bring a snack.

I arrived home and inhaled my food. While eating my McFlurry, I listened to John explain the tie dilemma which we managed to fix and he had learned how to tie! Hurray! Now it was time for me to get ready . . .

We arrived at the courthouse and met up with family. I received my something old, new, borrowed and blue. Everyone arrived on time. Then we stood at the altar with friends and family gathered around and the official married us! We said our "I do's", exchanged rings, and then my husband kissed me!

Congratulations Ciara & JohnThere were so many pictures taken with everyone afterwards. My eyes were burning, my back hurt from standing so long, Dylan was kicking me, and my cheeks literally hurt from all the smiling!

After the blinding pictures were done, we headed over to the restaurant for dinner. We had a wonderful time filled with laughs. The celebration cake that the restaurant offered was yummy!

We emerged from the restaurant to find our car decorated! Apparently they had done it while we were waiting for the table. I was wondering what was taking them so long to park! We said good bye to everyone and headed over to the hospital.

WeddingMy mom was still in the ICU. My little sister showed her pictures and video that she had done all day of the wedding and dinner. We were only allowed a short visit but she was able to see us on our wedding day all dressed up.

Not wanting the night to end, John and I went to the movies. There was so much action and the bass was so loud. Dylan was going wild! It was cute and funny.

Now I am a married woman. It feels great to say that! We feel even more like a little family.


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