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Week 30
~ Shower Me with Love!

Shower CakeLast week was so hectic! When I returned to work on Friday after getting married Wednesday everyone was already asking me to see pictures! I said "Whoa, ladies, I don't have pictures of my own wedding!" We had the video on our camcorder and some pictures of the dinner on our camera but all the thousands of pictures taken were by family members on their own cameras.

I met up with my grandparents for donuts on Saturday. We learned that we live maybe 10-15 minutes away from each other! My grandpa had printed out all the pictures he took and put them in a little wedding photo album. How sweet! I was really happy to have pictures and brought them into work for all to see. Now I just have to get pictures from all the other cameras.

I really am shy. I hate a lot of attention on me. I blush, stumble over simple words, and everything starts looking blurry. That's why a small wedding was the best idea for me. So when it was time for my first baby shower, I was relieved we had it after normal work hours and the small group that was there were most of my closest work friends (plus 3 relatives- since my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt-in-law and I all work together).

shower giftsIt was great! After eating a plateful of yummy food, I opened presents. There were a lot of blankets, wipes, and the funniest clothes! I also got the newborn to toddler feeding chair I wanted and two huge diaper bags. Everyone had a great time laughing over the funny shirts John's aunt gave us. We ate cake and it was time to load up my car!

When I arrived home I honked the horn so John would come out and help me. He really loved all the gifts we received. I've never known a guy to be so interested in baby stuff. I guess it shouldn't amaze me anymore. John is so involved all the time. I am the luckiest woman!

The only down side was putting everything back into the bags and into the extra bedroom to sit on the floor! I really am hoping we can get moved into a house soon. The right one hasn't come along and until then we just don't have the space to make a nursery. We're already into the 10 week countdown!!


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