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Week 31
~ He's a Daddy too!

Daddy's presentSunday was Father's Day. I really don't like it that some people say, "John will be a daddy." He already is a dad! Just because Dylan isn't born yet doesn't mean that I'm not a mommy (heard that on Mother's Day!) or John's not a daddy. I figure we are parents from the moment the child is conceived. That's our little creation in there right from the start.

Ok, enough of my raving! So it was Father's Day and this year I had a lot of dads to give love to. First I gave John his present: a tool belt for diaper changing, equipped with goggles, wipes, diapers, gloves, nose plug and more!

Next we had breakfast with my parents. Then off to John's mom's house so she could give him a Father's day present. After that we had a late lunch with John's dad. Later on that night I called my biological dad (who lives across the country) to wish him a happy day.

Really…next year I think we'll just have everyone get together! It is so tiring and I can't imagine dragging Dylan around all day.

This week we started our prenatal classes. Every Monday night for five weeks (for free at my doctor's office) we go to a class for two hours. This first class was about warning signs and anatomy. We did a relaxation exercise and Dylan decided it was "be crazy" time. smile He really cracks me up!


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