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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Name Change Hell

Well my feet are starting to puff up a lot more lately. I was just married and I already can't wear my wedding rings anymore! I put the wedding band on my necklace though so at least I have it on me in some way. It could be worse! My friend is pregnant and she's swollen all over--head to toe!

It's getting harder to move around. I'm trying to be optimistic. This is the end of the road! I just have to hold out a little longer. I knew it wouldn't be easy and compared to a lot of problems women face I have been pretty lucky!

I took Friday off so I could go around and change my name. The first place was the DMV. Unfortunately there are all these new rules about paperwork to bring and I managed to forget one more proof of address. Of course I learned this after standing my 8-month pregnant body in line for 45 minutes. There was no other option but to go home and come back with the needed paper. I barely managed from breaking into tears during the drive home. My back hurt, feet hurt, and it was so hot!

When I returned I had to stand in line for another 20 minutes. The desk clerk didn't remember that I had just been there. I got a number and the wait began. Normally when I have long wait I bring a book. I am a big time reader. I love all sorts of books and hope I will be able to pass this passion for reading to Dylan! Though maybe it is a curse in a way. I become so involved in my books!

After an hour of waiting I was really starving. It was a little funny because at our prenatal class the instructor had said how important it is for us to eat every 2-3 hours while pregnant. A few days later, I am sitting in the DMV and I had been up eating breakfast at 5 o'clock in the morning. Now it is noon and I have gone about 7 hours without eating. I almost left right then and there but it seemed a waste after all I had been through. Luckily they had vending machines. I dug in my purse and used all the nickels, dimes, and few quarters I had on me to get chips, candy, and a drink.

About another hour later my number is called and I rush to the desk. The worker goes through the processing very slowly- typing with one hand, and one finger! I'm pretty proud that I managed not to jump over the desk and do his job for him. Then again, that might have been a good idea because 30 minutes later I received my card and noticed before running for the door that he had mistyped my name "CVIARA". I waddled my way back to his desk where he made it out like it was my mistake for not just spelling my name like that. They had to refund everything and re-do the entire process! Thank goodness this job was passed on to a different lady who knew how to type with two hands.

I finally received my new license with my new last name and decided that after 4 1/2 hours at the DMV I was done for the day. However I needed to go to my parents' house. I had a big craving for my mom's macaroni salad earlier in the week and she had made it for me. On the way was my bank, so I might as well stop in and change my name there. That was so much easier and pleasant! The man that assisted me was recently engaged and asked me all sorts of questions about marriage and my pregnancy.

After that I went straight to my parents' house. I thought I would chat there for a little while but that turned into three hours. By then John was home from work and asking "Where is Mommababy?" (his cute nickname for us). I rushed home to his comforting arms. I had gone way too long without food again. I can't even remember what we ate for dinner but I know I ate it all! I went to bed feeling tired and weak from a long day ("off work") and promised little Dylan that the next day I would do nothing but eat, eat, and EAT!


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