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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Not so Joyous "Joys of Pregnancy"

I was thinking the other day about all the times I talk with someone about my pregnancy and we end the conversation with a sarcastic: "That's just another one of the joys of pregnancy." Here are some "Joys of Pregnancy" I've been thinking about this week . . .

...Having giant breasts but now you don't want them

...Shoe shopping!...for swollen feet

...Pregnancy brain

...Oh she's glowing! Actually...her face is just extra greasy because of hormones

...This is the only time looking fat is beautiful to husbands

...Rubbing cocoa butter all over every day and still the stretch marks appear all over

...Hair, Hair, everywhere

...Simple tasks being made difficult

...People expecting you to perform the same as usual without caffeine

...All the horror stories

...Pregnancy brain

...Everyone is different, experiences are different, circumstances are different so you don't know what to expect

...Being concerned about squishing the baby during "intimate" times

...Months of being the designated driver

...When you are at the point most your maternity clothes don't fit anymore

...Dad's cravings that make Mom sick

...Pregnancy brain

...Gas that has you running from the smell

...Being told you snore and he doesn't believe that it's all that extra mucous

...The exclamation "You're getting so huge!" or "Wow look at that waddle!"

To all the pregnant ladies out there: I wish everyone the best! It's so great knowing I'm not the only one suffering. We could spend days adding "joys" to this list.

Hope everyone has a great week full of JOY! I know I will...


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