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Week 34
~ Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!

34 weeksI am a Giant! Well, OK it's not that bad. I just never imagined I would have such a problem with swelling. The doctor warned me that I would start swelling. I've never had swollen feet before in my life so it's very odd for me. The skin feels tight. I can't bend my toes or stretch them as far. Walking is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. My ankles were puffed up too!

On Thursday I could barely get my feet into my work shoes. I had already been given permission by my boss to wear whatever shoes I needed once the swelling began. So on Friday I wore my flip flops to work. This was a little better but not much of an improvement. My flip flops were too small all of a sudden and the cord part was cutting into my puffed up skin. Also, now everyone could see my feet. The ladies at work were fussing over me like crazy! Everyone that saw my feet was shocked. I showed my feet to one lady and she grabbed her friend from another department to see them. Her friend starts exclaiming loudly "Toxemia!" and they were telling me to get to the doctor right away. Apparently she had had that condition and they induced her and her baby was born premature.

34 weeksMy sister-in-law is in another department but heard all the commotion at my desk. She calls my mother-in-law who rushes over to see what's going on. Everyone is going crazy and telling me to call the doctor. The nurse that I spoke with said it was completely normal to swell and only to worry if I had other symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, and headaches. I told her I felt hot and had a headache but most likely because everyone was stressing me out!
,br> All that concern over nothing! I really appreciate that my co-workers are here for me and I can depend on them but none of them are nurses or doctors!

When I was finally at home I was still a little concerned because I was really swollen. John took my temperature and checked my blood pressure (we have an at home wrist machine because of his blood pressure problems). Everything was normal and fine. We needed to go grocery shopping but John went alone, allowing me to stay at home and put my feet up. He said if I wasn't less swollen by the time he got back we could go to the hospital and have a doctor look at it.

feetThere wasn't much of a change after an hour of my feet being up but I felt better so I decided there was no need to go to the hospital. I would just take it easy. On Saturday I kept my feet up all day, ignoring all the things that needed to be done around the house, and there was a big improvement.

I guess the best thing to do sometimes is nothing!

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