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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ House Hunt

I went to the doctor and was told my swelling feet were fine and normal. I just need to keep them up as much as possible and take it easy. I got my test for Group B Strep. That was a little uncomfortable. I'm not sure that doctor needed to be so forceful with the swab.

She checked baby Dylan's heart beat, as usual, but had a difficult time finding it. I told her to check on my left side real low (his frequent hang-out spot) and sure enough that's where he was! The moment she pushed into that spot of my belly Dylan punched the intruding device. He's too cute already!

I will be going to the doctor again next week and every week until the big day. It is so exciting and frightening!

We are still searching for a house. I swear Dylan is going to hear all about this when he's older. Instead of being at home with my feet up like I should be, we are out after work looking at houses. Every place we look at needs work. It's really disturbing to see the way people lived in these houses. We are flabbergasted that anyone could get that many huge stains all over their floors in every room and just live like that!

It is difficult for me walking around, getting in and out of the car, looking at these houses without air conditioning, and dealing with the stress. All my pregnancy instincts are screaming for us to get into a place now.

Hopefully the right place will pop up soon!

Wish us luck.

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