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Ciara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Weightlessness and Gravity

On Sunday we got together with my family for a baby shower/cookout by the pool at our town home. Sadly, John and I don't get out much. It was the first time we'd ever been to the pool there!

On the Saturday before I super cleaned the entire house. At first it started as cleaning for my family since this was the first time they were seeing the place. But then I just couldn't stop! I made the place so clean it was unreal. John had to go to his dad's house to help him with his yard. When he came back I was still going crazy. He started to eat and I made him pick up some crumbs he dropped on my just-cleaned floor! I hadn't had anything to eat for hours. Cleaning was all that occupied my mind!

Sunday morning I still felt like there was more cleaning to do. I was pretty tired out by the time everyone came over for the cookout. My dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. My mom had thought of everything, of course! We had all the food we could want and more. It was really hot and humid out. Everyone was glad to hop in the pool after eating and just relax in the cool water. I really liked it! I should have gone to the pool more often. For a few hours I was weightless in the water and all that pressure of my belly was not there! It was so comfortable and such a relief.

Then it was time to get out of the water and gravity hit! I felt all the weight come back to my body and crush me all the way down to my feet. I joked that I would just get back into the water for the rest of the pregnancy!

Presents were brought out for me to open. I got so many things from my parents! My mom loves to spoil her grandchildren!

Kitty!After presents were opened we ate brownies and cheesecake. Then my brother and his family had to leave so I took them over to my house to drop off the used basinet, gym mat, and video monitor they gave us. I headed back to the pool and they were wrapping things up there. It was so hot. We all went back to our town home. I was the first in the door and guess what I found? Our kitty Da Vinci decided he was the baby! He was already laying in the basinet as if it was his new bed! I was cracking up!

The next day John woke up and was sick. Then I heard from my sister-in-law that she was sick too and so was my nephew! Apparently they had food poisoning. I asked my mom and she said everyone at her house felt fine. Everyone was concerned for me but I didn't feel sick at all. I called in to work so I could stay home and take care of John. We lay around and took a very long nap in the afternoon. After that he felt better.

In the middle of the week I noticed some mucous stuff coming out when I wiped. It was clear and a lot like boogers. (Sorry for all the gross details). I told John about it and we figured it was my mucous plug coming out. This got him really excited and a little nervous. I went to the doctor the next day and she assured me that the mucous is normal. There is no risk of infection. The mucous plug that we learned about in class is the "bloody show." This is the discharge I should be concerned about that could be a sign of labor starting soon. Right now I have mucous that is a little greenish almost every time I wipe. This is like the outer layer and just means everything is getting ready- but no reason to be alarmed!

So we're still waiting!!

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