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Week 37
~ Better Than Nothing . . .

Ciara at 37 weeksWe are in the month of Dylan's birth!!

I am officially counting down the days. It makes me so excited to know that very soon we will be meeting this little baby that has stirred up our life so much already!

I am still not sleeping well. It is harder and harder to be comfortable in bed. My dad bought me a special pillow for my back. I bought a leg wedge pillow. I know that next time I am pregnant I will be buying one of those pregnancy pillows. I wish I had one now. When I first saw them I thought they were a waste of money. Seriously, I have a pillow for my head, back, legs, and belly! If I had a pregnancy pillow it would be just one big pillow that supports all those areas instead of four separate pillows! Every time I get up to go to the bathroom I have a whole process of pillow adjusting to get out of bed and then another pillow adjusting when I get back into bed. Live and learn. I didn't know it would be this uncomfortable.

37 weeksI was really excited about my doctor visit this week. We hoped to get a clearer picture of when this baby is coming out! John took off work early so that he could come with me. I had a 4:15 appointment. The office closes at 5 o'clock. By the time the doctor came in to examine me it was 4:45.

This was my first internal exam. I searched online for a description of how they actually check the cervix and couldn't find anything! I was pretty scared. I thought the doctor would have to put his whole hand in there in order to reach my cervix. Also, this was the first time I was going to a male doctor for an exam. Some people say male doctors are gentler. I don't think mine was gentle. Normally this doctor was friendly and talkative but I guess because it was the end of the day, he wasn't very animated. He warned me that there would be a lot of pressure and discomfort and then shoved in his two fingers and pressed down on my abdomen. It hurt but not like a sharp pain. Mostly it was just uncomfortable pain and pressure. The doctor said I was 2 cm dilated! Then he did a quick shake of his fingers and it was done. The shake confused me until the next day a co-worker explained that he was just loosening up the cervix.

Guess the Due Date!The doctor was out the door seconds later and we didn't get an estimate of weight, forgot to ask how effaced I was, and were really no closer to knowing the expected date of birth. I read online that I could be 2 cm dilated for days or even weeks! But it's better than nothing! At least I know I am opening up like I should and everything is normal and healthy.

I would suggest that other women not follow in my footsteps. After the doctor visit, we needed to go grocery shopping. I felt pressure and a cramp like pain the whole time and the rest of the night. Hopefully when I go next week to a female doctor it won't be so uncomfortable.

If I make it to the appointment next week!

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