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Entry 10 - October 15, 2013
Already an Overprotective Brother

The month of September we took a trip to Southern California over Labor Day weekend. I've been meaning to take Bohdy back to the beach ever since our last trip up to San Francisco over a year ago, but just haven't. It was just a short trip over the 3 day weekend, so we didn't have plans for a lot. We met up with a friend the day we arrived and then spent the next two days taking the kids to the beach since our hotel room was only a block from it.

I have always loved the beach/ocean and Bohdy is definitely picking up that same love. He had so much fun. The second day when he found out we were going to get lunch before the beach he broke down and had a major 2 year old tantrum. Jeramy ended up having to take him to the Jeep three times which lasted more than a half hour before he finally calmed down. Realistically, we should have just drove home, but since I don't know when we will return, we decided not to take that extra day away from him. I loved being there so much that I could see raising my son to be a little surfer dude and my baby girl to be a California girl. Maybe one day . . .

Other than the trip to California, not a whole lot went on this month. I haven't been having much luck in getting Bohdy potty trained. He just has no interest whatsoever. I wish I knew what to do to get him motivated. I bought a little potty that makes noise and praises him, which has just sat in the bathroom for almost a year now. I have tried offering a toy as incentive, he just wants no part of it. I have heard that I just have to do a potty training boot camp and not allow him to wear a diaper anymore. Honestly, I don't know if I'm ready for that. Since I still breastfeed Rylee around the clock, I don't have the opportunity to put him on the potty right as he's ready or clean him up immediately. I think I will do the potty training boot camp after baby girl starts eating cereal but I'm just not looking forward to it.

It's funny because I usually don't watch the true crime shows and I inadvertently turned one on because the description of the show was misleading, the description made it seem like it was about ghosts, but no, it was one of those true crime shows and I got sucked in. I knew better and wished I had changed the channel but I didn't. It ended up being about a teenage girl that went missing and was never found. Of course it freaked me out and made me start thinking a lot about Rylee's future. I told Bohdy that I really wanted him to watch over his sister as she gets older and keep a close eye on the boys she spends time with. Bohdy responded 'No problem Mom'. It was so funny, he's not even three and he acted like he knew exactly what I was asking of him.

The very next day, I had Rylee in her bouncy and her top kept raising up and would show her belly. Bohdy walked into the kitchen and saw it and said 'No baby girl', and pulled her shirt down. He left the room, then came back about 5 minutes later to see her shirt was up again, and he said 'No', pulled it down and watched her. As she wiggled, of course it went back up, so he sat on the floor and held her shirt down. He is so funny!!

Boy do they change so fast, I'm trying hard to relish in these moments when they are young, but I do feel like they are going quicker than I'm ready for them to. Speaking of changes, I honestly thought that stage of your kids calling you Mommy lasted a whole lot longer than this. Bohdy changed from Mommy to Mama about 5 months ago and then just recently he changed from Mama to Mom. Not that I am complaining, but I was still wanting to be called Mommy for a while. He also says to me 'no Mom no', when I get up and dance or sing to his cartoons. What??? I expected this at 12 not 2. I feel like he is trying to grow up too quickly. I just want him to slow down and stay my baby boy. Luckily he is still happy to be my baby boy, I really hope that doesn't change anytime soon.

I know all kids are different, but I think in the back of my mind I just assumed mine would be similar (although I have no idea why) but they are not. Rylee just loves to smile and laugh and she already tries to talk even though it is all gibberish. I remember Bohdy at this age and getting him to smile was impossible. I don't think he truly began smiling until about 6 months old, so I was surprised that Rylee was so full of grins almost from the start. Rylee also seemed to know I was her Mommy from the start where with Bohdy it seemed he didn't recognize me for quite a while. Although Bohdy was much easier to travel with, he was such an easy, content baby. Rylee is a happy girl until she needs something, then all bets are off. I love to watch their little personalities develop and I'm glad they aren't as similar as I was expecting, I only wish I could get them to take naps at the same time.

Fall just started here in AZ and I couldn't be happier. Football has started up and Bohdy is now becoming quite a little football fan. He mostly gets excited to go to the game than he does just watching it on TV, but during one game where Daddy's team was losing, I was in the kitchen and Bohdy was in the living room by himself and I hear him say 'Damn football'. I came out and there he was standing directly in front of the TV just watching the game. I know I should have been mad, but I just couldn't bring myself to be, it was too funny. I tried hard not to laugh and keep a straight face, but I couldn't; his precious little face just melts my heart. This is my favorite time of year. I cannot wait for all those "Fall" activities I'll be doing with my boy and my girl.


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