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Entry 11 - November 21, 2013
The Joy of the Holidays Begins

I must say, I think I enjoy the holidays now more than when I was a kid. Watching the joy on your child's face and in their eyes yet through the eyes of an adult (and parent), you really cannot look at life and not be thankful for the blessings you have been given.

They are just old enough to be in awe and amazement from all the sights and sounds of the holidays and the simplest little thing puts a smile on their face. They still think Mom and Dad are the greatest people on earth. I truly enjoy this time with my children; this is probably the best time of my life.

The month of October is a big hunting month for Jeramy so most weekends he isn't home. His Mom had called and wanted to spend time with the kids and was very upset that Jeramy was too busy all month, so I told her the kids and I would drive up to see her. Jeramy's Mom and I don't have the greatest relationship but we try, and she is their grandmother so I would never cheat them out of having her in their lives. She's only about an hour and a half's drive away, so we took the kids to a local rib festival they were having in her town. The weather was nice and Bohdy just had a blast. They have these bounce houses for the kids, but Bohdy is too scared to try them. I even went in with him, but he just didn't like it. Since he wouldn't enjoy the fun of the bounce house, he found another form of entertainment. He kept running into them and bounced off the side like he was a little linebacker. I can see the makings of a football player already, much to my delight. It seems odd to me that he is too scared to bounce around inside of them but not too scared to run directly into them with his head, fall to the ground and do it all over again . . . I guess that's kids for you.

The weekend before Halloween was the only weekend Jeramy was home so we took them to the pumpkin patch. Both our moms and one of Bohdy's older cousins went with us. Bohdy didn't seem to care too much about picking out a pumpkin, he only cared about running around the pumpkin patch. He did love the corn maze and wanted to go into it over and over, even in the dark. Once we got home he had no interest in carving the pumpkin, so poor daddy had to do it all on his own.

The kids are still so young that I get to pick their costumes, so I got an astronaut costume for Bohdy and Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Rylee. The day of Halloween Bohdy went without a nap, so I thought he might burn out before it was time to trick or treat. When it came time to put on his costume, he was really cranky and just not wanting any part of it, so I had to force him in his costume. He cried saying he wanted to take it off, so I knew he was tired. I had to do something to get him pepped up so I had him run up to Daddy saying trick or treat and Jeramy gave him some candy. That was all it took . . . he was ready to go.

Lately I have been having issues with one of my Aunts. She acts not only as though she is entitled to give her opinion, but that what she decides for my kids trumps what I say and even argued with me on something I told her not to do. My Mom intervened at one point and urged her to butt out if she didn't want me to take her access to my children away, yet she did it again on Halloween. Some of these little "tests" she has been doing are small (like on Halloween), some not so small (which have caused arguments), but I feel as though I'm about to explode on her. She asked if she could join us for Halloween, and I told her that it was fine. I had decided ahead of time I was going to walk Bohdy down a few blocks this year instead of just one like last year so he could get the full enjoyment of it and also wear him out. As we walked down the first block, I had stated that we were going to cross the street and go down the next. About a minute later, she says 'Well we are done'. I said to her 'No, we (meaning me and the kids) are not done'. She brushes off what I say and proceeds to ask Bohdy 'Are you done and ready to go home'. Bohdy being almost 3 and not completely understanding our conversation responds 'Yes'. I was beyond angry and had to sternly tell her 'NO WE ARE NOT DONE'. After that, she didn't interfere and walked the remainder of the way with us, but I am getting beyond frustrated with her and her constant lack of respect for my choices.

Other than that little bump, Halloween went great. Jeramy had to leave early to catch a flight to California to meet up with his old boss so he didn't get to spend the entire time with us, but I had a few family members tag along and Bohdy just had a blast trick or treating and having the family there with him.

Next month will by Rylee's first Thanksgiving. I have always loved this time of year and it just keeps getting better!!!


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