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Entry 12 - January 30, 2014
A Holiday Full of Changes Bohdy

First, I would like to apologize for not updating my journal over the last couple of months. It has been quite hectic this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

To start off with, I had mentioned a couple months back that we went to California and that I wouldn't mind moving there, but I didn't mention why we went. Jeramy's old boss here in Phoenix quit back in June and moved to a new company in California. He mentioned to Jeramy and I back in July that he wanted Jeramy to follow and work for him at his new company. I think we thought it was primarily just talk, but when he began talking about it again with Jeramy we decided to take a trip there to meet up with his boss and just get an idea for whether we would really want to live in California.

On our trip we drove to Thousand Oaks (the city where Jeramy now works) and the neighboring cities to see if we liked it. We agreed that we did and if the job was offered and was good enough to handle the higher price of living Jeramy would accept it. It turns out the job offer was fantastic so he accepted.

The pay is a good amount more; the company is paying for our move, listing our home in Phoenix, and then buying it out if we don't find a buyer after two months. They are also paying for our closing costs on a new home and a portion of our mortgage for 4 years to help with the cost of living difference. They have offered quite a bit more as well but the main appeal for Jeramy however is their stock options. He feels he will be able to retire at 55 because of it. So California here we come.

Now to explain the hectic part, about two weeks before Thanksgiving (right around the time Jeramy knew he got the California job) our washing machine pipes got clogged and started leaking, it leaked through the walls and out onto our cabinets and ultimately the floors. Unfortunately, it wasn't a quick leak so we didn't catch it right away. We had to get the clog cleaned out, then had to do repairs to the wall and baseboards. Then the weekend right before Thanksgiving, it rained for 2 days and on the second day, we were watching TV after getting the kids to bed when we heard a bunch of water. It turns out we had a leak right in our dining room and it created a huge hole in the ceiling. We still hosted Thanksgiving at our house, but had to do it with the unsightly ceiling.


After Thanksgiving the insurance company came out to assess the damage and found there was asbestos and had to remove all the ceiling in the entire dining room because of it. For the next 4 weeks it was chaos. We had our dining room furniture in our living room, the majority of our kitchen was closed off and to get to the small part of it that wasn't closed off, we had to walk around the outside of the house and go through the garage. During this time, Jeramy had to start work for his new job, so I had to ensure everything got completed okay. I decided the week before Christmas that even with the chaos of the repairs I didn't want the kids to miss out on having a Christmas tree, so I had to make space and just put it in front of our bookshelf. It wasn't what I had planned but it was still nice, even with all the rest of the clutter. The repairs finally got finished 2 days after Christmas and we had our house back, but that was just the end of the first round of chaos.

Since the company is paying for the sale of our home and potentially buying it outright, we have had so many people come to the house. Four inspectors, 3 appraisers, 2 real estate agents, it's crazy. I have yet to get our house on the market because of all the people coming but I think they are finally done, now we just need to get both homes sold and find a new house in California. The only reason the kids and I aren't in California now is because we have 3 dogs and we don't want to kennel them, so they go when we go and we need a house for that.

As for the holidays, Thanksgiving was wonderful. Both families and some friends came and it was a nice time to get together with everyone for potentially the last time as I'm sure not all family will make it to California every year for future Thanksgivings. Bohdy sure is becoming more and more of a ham. He just loves the attention on him. I was always shy growing up and he didn't inherit that from me (thank goodness). Rylee was also quite the charmer batting her long eye lashes and showing her big smiles.

Bohdy turned 3 during this time and we had a party for him then went to the Zoo for our annual Zoo Lights. My best friend from school joined along with her daughter and her sister's family. Her sister has a daughter just a year older than Bohdy and they were so cute together, they held hands and would put their arms around each other. I saw my first glimpse of Bohdy with another girl.

While Christmas at home wasn't quite how we had planned this year with all the construction, it never seemed to bother the kids. It's nice that kids don't get stressed or bummed out about stuff like that, they just keep going. I have always been a Night Owl and it seems my kids have inherited that gene as well; on New Year's Eve both kids were still up at midnight so the four of us were able to ring in the New Year together.

Brother and Sister

I haven't mentioned too much about the kids, so to get caught up on them, Rylee is 6 months now and she is just barely getting her first tooth to come in. I have actually been quite glad her teeth have been coming in slowly since she is exclusively breast fed. With Bohdy I had to return to work at 3 months so he was both breast and bottle fed. Once he got his upper and lower teeth at 10 months and began biting, I weaned him pretty quickly. With Rylee I have a feeling weaning her is going to be quite difficult, especially since she still wakes up twice a night to nurse. Last week, I took her to get her ears pierced. She handled it like a champ, only cried for less than a minute. She is also on the verge of crawling. She is up on all fours and even moving her knees forward, but she hasn't yet gotten both to go, I'd say it's only a matter of days.

Bohdy is definitely in that rambunctious stage. He has been for about 10 months now, he is like a little tornado running around the house. I'm hoping those terrible twos don't last too long into the threes. He isn't a total terror however, he still shows his manners and has been an enormous help with Rylee, so overall it hasn't been as terrible as it could be. I'm guessing I'll get that with my baby girl, as she has shown she is all girl and gets what she wants when she wants it.

Everything with him has progressed just as it should except for one area, Potty Training. He just doesn't want any part of it. Right before the work on our house, I decided he didn't get a choice any longer and it was time to do a Potty Training boot camp and it was working with some success, then our house turned to chaos so I put it on hold. Ever since, he just wants no part of it again. I'm going to have to find a way to get him back on track. Sigh.

In 2014 our lives are about to go through some enormous changes, I am hoping they bring a lot of happiness for all of us.


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