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Entry 13 - March 18, 2014
Finally Making a Little Progress Bohdy and Rylee

Sorry for the delay in updating my journal, getting two houses ready for sale has been quite a bit of work, especially since the kids, dogs and I are still living in Arizona and Jeramy is living and working in California. We are all ready to be moved out, but selling not one but two homes has been going extremely slow. At least we have one home finally on the market; we just finished repairs and such on the other and it should be going on the market in the next week.

These last couple months, having daddy away and only seeing him occasionally has been making Bohdy think it's okay to be a holy terror. He has been so rambunctious lately. I feel like my patience is being tested to the limit. Luckily my mom and my aunts have been helping, but it's still hard. It's crazy how one kid can bring you to such a boiling point one minute and then in an instant, they look at you, smile and hug you and the next minute you have forgotten all their shenanigans and can't even fake being mad at them. The love for your child is like no other feeling in the world.

Rylee has been fighting being sick for about 3 weeks now. She developed Croup while we are in California for a week and I had to take her to the Pediatric Urgent Care, but luckily she has been doing much better. She is usually so wiggly and busy and this latest sickness has really slowed her down. She still has a big smile on her face, but I just wish she would be back to 100% already.

Her development seems to be going so fast. She pulls herself up and walks with assistance now. I feel sorry for Bohdy when she can finally walk and run with no issues. That boy is going to be in trouble.


Money has been getting a little tight now that we are paying for two mortgages and one rental. We really need to get our homes sold because paying for a place in California is ridiculous in price. It is crazy how much of a price of living difference the two states are. I guess you have to pay to live somewhere so close to the ocean with such a mild climate. The last week we stayed in California I tried to take my babies to the beach twice, but they fell asleep both times, so the first time I just rolled down the windows and we sat there getting the sea breezes coming through, but they never awoke. The second time I drove to Malibu and once again they never awoke, so I just drove down the PCH highway and I enjoyed it, they missed out. Our next week there I will try to get them there before naptime or around sunset so we can all enjoy it. Each time we go to California to spend time with daddy, it gets harder and harder to return to Arizona. I am really loving the beach, the weather and we are definitely missing daddy.

I did just take Bohdy to his first dentist appointment yesterday (St. Patrick's Day), and I was expecting the worst. I was waiting for a crying, screaming, kicking fit but he blew me away with how well he did. Why he does this at the doctor but didn't at the dentist completely caught me off guard and I was pleasantly surprised. Watching him grow into such a big boy (and soon a little man) makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Sorry I don't have any new news to report on. Hopefully by my next journal I can post that we sold our homes and are finally making the move (fingers crossed).


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