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Entry 14 - April 28, 2014
The Move Is Finally Upon Us

Since my last update, not much has changed in the house selling department, both houses are still on the market and we have yet to get a solid offer on either one of them. It's kind of frustrating, but our realtor said it's a buyer's market right now so we just have to wait.

Jeramy had rented an apartment for four months thinking that by the time it was up, we would have sold our homes in AZ and already bought a home in California, but that didn't end up happening and his lease is up in June. We decided that the family has been separated long enough so this last trip to California we started to look for a rental home that would allow our dogs and a short-term lease as we have to buy a home by December in order to get the home buyer benefits from his new company. It has been so difficult finding a rental as pretty much anyone that allows our dogs requires a minimum of a 1 year lease; the handful that we have found that are willing to do a short-term lease don't allow our dogs. However, we actually found one, he was very accommodating, had no issues with our dogs and was flexible with allowing us to sign a 6 month lease. So by the end of May, California here we come . . . finally.

Since Jeramy has started working in California, I think I have taken my kids to the beach a good dozen times (or more) and we are usually only there about a week a month. Bohdy loves it so much that if he even sees the ocean in the distance he says 'I got to go to the beach, I got to go surfing'. He is so cute!! I decided to use this as my bargaining tool for him to start potty training. I told him that if he wants to learn how to surf, he first needs to learn to swim and he has to be potty trained before he can do either. I got a lot of push-back from him initially and the first few days I was so frustrated, but we finally started a routine. He isn't potty trained by any means (yet), but he has made so much progress. He wears underwear all day and uses the potty wonderfully. He is still wearing a pull-up to bed and when we leave the house. He has yet to go number 2 in the potty and honestly, I have no idea how to get him to; I'm hoping it just happens one day. He is getting so much better with travels, but I'm not ready to remove the pull-ups during outings just yet. On our last drive home from California I was so incredibly proud of him. We made our first stop in Indio and he held it and used the potty. We made our second stop in Quartzsite and same scenario. The final stretch, he did go once in his pull-up but there was no way I could have been upset; this was the most progress we have made to date and this was a 7 hour drive.

We spent Easter weekend with Jeramy and took the kids Easter Egg hunting at a local neighborhood park. Bohdy still doesn't quite get the concept of running with all the other kids to get an Easter egg and I thought for a moment he was going to get shut out, but thankfully he managed to get two eggs before all the other kids got them. I know his basket was quite empty but he is such a sweet kid, he doesn't try to hit or trample other kids, so he kind of shies away from the craziness, so I made sure we made a big deal out of his two eggs so he didn't feel like he missed out. At home, Jeramy hid a bunch of eggs around the patio so Bohdy could go around and fill up his basket at his own pace. He was so happy!! Even Rylee got in on the action although she isn't walking just yet.

When Rylee was 6 months old I got her ears pierced and as much as I hate to say it, I felt they were not completely even. The placement on one of the ears was just bothering me. Most people thought I was making a big deal, but to me it was noticeable and I felt down the road it may also bother her, so I decided I was going to get it re-pierced. I really hated the idea of it and went back and forth on doing it, but I wanted it to be just right for her so I did it. Now that it is over and they are aligned properly I am happy I made the decision to re-do it, I just really hated having to put her through it again. Hopefully she will forgive me. She is such a sweet, happy wonderful little girl, every morning when I see her smile I feel so wonderful having a baby girl.

My next journal entry may not be for a while as I am going to be busy packing up our house and coordinating getting everything moved and cleaned up. Hopefully I'll be able to report a nice smooth transition.


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