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Entry 15 - July 20, 2014
Finally Settled

Bohdy & Rylee

I know it has been a couple months since I have last updated and I am glad to say we are finally settled. To start off, Jeramy's company paid for our relocation so the packing and moving out of Phoenix was fairly easy. They came and packed up most everything, loaded it into a diesel truck and moved it out to California. However, that is where the easy part ended.

Jeramy left after the movers with our dogs and turtles in tow. The kids and I stayed back for a week so I could get our Phoenix house cleaned. We only lived in the house for 2 1/2 years but geez, it's hard to believe how much stuff you accumulate over even such a short time. It took me almost that entire week to sort, pack or toss all sorts of odds and ends/medicines/food/etc that the movers didn't take and get the house cleaned.

Finally, we were on our way to our new California rental. Once I arrived is when the real nightmare began. We moved from a 2500sf home to a 1200sf rental. There were boxes floor to ceiling everywhere (even in the 2 car garage). There was literally no place to sit, no place to do anything. As part of the relocation, they also sent unpackers that would come and help for a few hours. We decided to have the unpackers focus on the kitchen and the kids' rooms so they would at least have comfortable rooms to go to. I couldn't be there to decide where I wanted things so they had to make judgment calls on what to unpack. Bohdy's room was the only room that I felt was mostly fine. Rylee's room still had a lot of junk but was workable.

After only 1 day in the cluttered house I was already feeling depressed and homesick. The second day, I rented a storage unit and just started inching away at de-cluttering and only kept things in the rental that we really couldn't live without. Everything else went to storage. It took about a week to go through and determine which boxes went to storage and about 3 weeks to completely de-clutter, but we did it and our rental finally started feeling livable.

The good news is, about 2 weeks after we moved all our stuff out of Phoenix, our main home got an offer which we accepted. It is set to close the last week of July then we have our rental home in Phoenix to sell. Once that happens we can start looking for a home here. We cannot wait!!!

Now being here in California permanently has been a little bit of an adjustment. I love the weather out here more for sure and being so close to the ocean is wonderful, but I wasn't prepared for how much I'd miss my family. The kids have seemed to adjust really well which is good. Our dogs, not so much. They have had an extremely hard time adjusting, to the point they have been destructive. That part has been very frustrating. They are seeming to settle down, but still are a bit anxious. Hopefully all will fall into place with them real soon. Aside from missing my family terribly, I would have to say I think I am going to love California even more than I anticipated.


Rylee finally started walking. I was surprised it took her as long as it did because she was right on the brink since about 8 months, but it didn't happen until 11 months, however she is walking now and loving it. Bohdy has been acting out so much lately. I think it's partly due to Rylee getting so much encouragement during her transition from crawling to walking. He isn't mean to her, but I wonder if he's feeling a bit jealous or left out so he has to act out to get attention. It could also partly be because he is 3, but either way, some days are quite a handful. I feel so exhausted some days, then just when I feel I have reached my wits end, he comes up to me, gives me a hug and tells me he loves me so much. As much as he can test me to my limits, he also brings me more joy than ever. Rylee has become so interactive and communicative even though she cannot speak to you. She amazes me at how quickly she learns things. I don't recall Bohdy progressing as fast as she does, maybe he did and I just cannot remember, but I don't think so. Her beautiful smiles and big hugs just warm my heart. Even when I feel frustrated, I always try to take time to remind myself how blessed I am to have two wonderful little people in my life.


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