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Entry 16
1st Birthday Celebration

We started off the beginning of the month of July heading back to Arizona to celebrate my baby girl's first birthday. Your first birthday is one of the monumental ones (at least for mom and dad) and we wanted it to be shared with family. Now first let me say, we made our official move to California at the end of May, but having come from a lifetime of excruciatingly hot summers, it didn't take long to adapt to the cooler days and even cooler summer nights (yeah I adjusted in maybe . . . all of a minute). So arriving back in Arizona at the beginning of July, I was shocked that I felt overwhelmed by the heat, but now I only have to remind myself this is only temporary and we'll be back home in paradise soon.

We decided to head to Phoenix for a couple of days before Rylee's birthday so we could all see our dentist and so I could go to my hairdresser (since we haven't found replacements yet) and also to spend the fourth of July there.

I had called in a cake order to Phoenix at the local Sam's Club for the sheet cake and Safeway for Rylee's smash cake. It was where I had Bohdy's frog smash cake made so I expected the same for Rylee's ladybug cake. Thankfully I went on the fourth to pick it up (instead the morning of her birthday) because when I got there, it was nothing like I requested. It was a regular cake in blue frosting with a tiny lady bug drawn on it. I was so bummed. I wanted her birthday to be perfect, so I rushed to a local bakery called Baker Wee near where we used to live and asked if they could pull off a last minute smash cake and they were so wonderful, they did it, whew!!! So Safeway's smash cake became referred to as the trash cake (although it still got eaten). Luckily the sheet cake came out just fine.

We then spent the evening of the fourth at the same place we have spent it the last few years, at a local ballpark; it was great, but I think it will be my last. I am really looking forward to fireworks overlooking the ocean. I anticipated Rylee to become bored with the fireworks after a short time only being 1, but Bohdy is now 3 1/2 and I expected him to be even more excited about fireworks this year than last, but he was kind of over them after the first 5 minutes. He started playing his games and stopped paying attention. Oh well, I'm old and never get tired of fireworks.

The morning of the 5th we had a lot to do to get Rylee's party ready. We had to get Bohdy a haircut, pick up the catered food and decorate. Luckily my family handled all the decorations and Jeramy took Bohdy to get his haircut, so that just left me with picking up the food. I had food from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants brought in. Everything was going well and I had almost made it back to my aunt's house with all the food when on one of the last turns, two containers of food fell over, one containing the refried beans and well, there they went all over the floor of my truck. Luckily I had also ordered a container of black beans but it was still a bummer (more so for the mess I was left to clean up). The party was a hit and Rylee loved her ladybug cake. She dug right in, even Bohdy helped her and went face first into her cake.

The next day was my stepson's 21st birthday, so we all headed off to Vegas (kids in tow). I didn't do any gambling, but us girls went to go see the Thunder from Down Under which was a lot of fun. The boys just chose to spend their evening gambling. My cousin who couldn't make it to Vegas asked me to play $5 on a Wheel of Fortune machine for her, so after we checked out I decided to play her $5 and add $10 more, 5 for each kid. Rylee's spin didn't hit anything but Bohdy's hit the Wheel of Fortune spin and he won $100. My mom had previously opened a savings account for both of them which she adds to on their birthday so I decided to split the winnings and put $50 in each of their accounts. I stayed a few more days back in Phoenix before heading home. It was quite a whirlwind trip and I was glad to finally be home.

The rest of the month was pretty much uneventful, although I am happy to report our main Phoenix home sold and we closed on July 25th. We still have our rental home to sell, then we can begin to look for a home of our own to buy here. Next, I look forward to my family's visit out here in August.


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