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Entry 2 ~ November 18, 2011
~ My Favorite Time of Year

HalloweenFall is here finally which means my favorite time of year has arrived. I love Fall and doing all the Fall activities like going to the Pumpkin farm, the state fair, baking and getting ready for Thanksgiving, decorating and shopping for Christmas. Only this year I have an even better reason to love this time of year; it will be Bohdy's first experiences at all these things and my first experiences enjoying these things with him as a new mom.

I had been looking for a costume for him online for more than a month and not a single one had jumped out at me and said this is the one; I also had to eliminate any costume that was too bulky and warm as we still have warm weather well into October and I don't want to fry the little guy so my choices were limited. I wish I knew how to sew, then I would have ended up making it myself, but I don't so I had to settle for what's out there. I ended up choosing a bee costume which I thought was cute but I didn't know how well it would go over since Bohdy hates wearing caps, hats or pretty much anything over his head. He must get that from me, I like my head and hair to be free.

HalloweenThe weekend before Halloween, we had our I/T department picnic scheduled so we planned on going and then taking Bohdy to the pumpkin patch after the picnic, but Bohdy ended up having a fever all weekend, so we missed out on both.

Bohdy's fever was still present Halloween morning, but we hadn't had any plans of taking him trick-or-treating anyway, we figured he may still be a little too young since he can't completely walk yet, but we did dress him in his costume and he helped hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters. He seemed to enjoy it especially when other babies showed up. Unfortunately for us, we were all out of candy shortly after 7pm so we had to close shop early.

BohdySince my stepson who is now in college moved in with us full-time and we have a little one crawling all over the place we recently bought a new house as we need more space. Our old house never got any kids trick-or-treating, which I didn't understand why, I guess it just wasn't the "happening" neighborhood. Since we have only been in our new home for a few months, I wasn't sure just how many kids we would get, but I figured we'd see a few since we live a block from an elementary school so I bought 4 big bags of candy. Then on Halloween one of my neighbors was setting up his Halloween display so I had asked him what the average was and he said anywhere between 300-500 kids. I laughed and figured he was exaggerating, but for safe measure I decided to run back to the store and got an extra bag of candy. We had a big plastic Witches Brew pot that we put all the candy in and it was full, so I thought okay we are set, but wouldn't you know it we were cleaned out shortly after 7pm, so we had to dash into the house and turn off all the lights as the next big group was lingering across the street; it was funny. I don't think I ever got that much Halloween traffic anywhere.

Petting ZooBohdy has been on the verge of walking for about a month now, but he just hasn't gotten the nerve to take those steps without something to hold on to. It's funny, cause he is so fearless when it comes to getting into things. He will get hurt and go right back to the same thing that hurt him without missing a beat, but when it comes to letting go of the table to walk, he is still hesitant. Oh well, it will happen when he's ready.

sleepy BohdyThe Arizona State Fair comes to town each year between October - November so we decided to take Bohdy one weekday evening and he loved all the lights and people. He especially loved the Petting Zoo. It wasn't his first time in a Petting Zoo but it was the first where he began to understand there were animals around him. His face just lit up and he was laughing having the greatest time. I just love these moments; I realize they will be gone before I know it so I am trying my hardest to relish every experience. Right around the corner is Thanksgiving . . . I cannot wait!!!


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