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Entry 3 ~ December 20, 2011
~ Holidays and Birthdays

So Thanksgiving arrived and of course, it wasn't without its share of pre Thanksgiving drama. Bohdy and I both got sick and it lingered for about two weeks but we were primarily over it by Thanksgiving. I also was bickering with my family as they kept changing the plans of when they were driving up so I finally got fed up and stopped taking their calls. Petty I know, but I am hosting Thanksgiving (as always) and I just didn't need the extra stress, so I told them to figure it out amongst all of them and I'd just see them on Thanksgiving Day then I stopped answering my phone. I guess that's just how it is with a big family; there is always some sort of drama going on at any given time; it generally doesn't involve me but this year it did. However, the day itself always comes together wonderfully and this year was no exception. Bohdy however fell asleep about 20 minutes before we all sat down to eat so he didn't get to eat with us, but we all enjoyed watching him eat his first Thanksgiving meal after he awoke from his nap. He even fell back asleep on his walk; it must have been the turkey.

Bohdy officially started walking on my birthday (November 28th). I love watching him walk around, especially when he really gets going and he will start making cute little hurried noises while he walks. He just decided it was time to let go of the table and now that boy sure is a walking fool.

The first weekend of December we took Bohdy for his picture with Santa. He didn't like Santa at all, so they had me hold him and just cut me out of the picture. We then took Bohdy for his first haircut. He wasn't too thrilled about that either (although I'm guessing most babies aren't), he didn't cry, just kept pulling away and fidgeted but I think he looks so cute. I wish now I had gotten the haircut first, but that was poor planning on my part. At least he will be looking handsome for his first birthday.

St. Josephs Hospital held a remembrance on the December 8th (just one day before Baylee's birthday) for the babies that lost their lives from heart problems during 2009-2011 which included our daughter Baylee who passed away from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It has been two years since we lost her and going back to the hospital where it all happened was hard, but they put together a nice memorial. It's crazy what you remember and what you don't. I remember everything about being at the hospital with her, the look, the smell of the hospital, the halls we would walk up and down, certain noises I could hear from my hospital room, the NICU, everything. But for some reason some of those same things with Bohdy at a different hospital aren't quite as burned into my brain; maybe because his entry into the world was so easy and full of joy and unfortunately hers was scary and heartbreaking.

I cannot believe it, but my little man turned 1 on December 12th; my how the time has flown. We held his party on Saturday the 10th, two days before his actual birthday and had a much bigger turnout that I expected. He ended up with so many toys. We followed up with a trip to Zoo Lights after the party and a few family members joined us. Our Phoenix Zoo decorates the zoo up in lights each year; we have been attending Zoo Lights for many years now; it was tradition for us when a couple of my cousins were little (now they are in their early 20's) and we are carrying on that tradition with the new generation. It seems to get busier each year so it was pretty packed with people but we still had a blast.

The day after Bohdy's first birthday, he had his 1 year doctor appointment and the poor thing had to have blood drawn and get 5 shots. Needless to say, it was a very bad trip for him this time. I had to hold him down while they drew the blood and he is probably just like me in having very deep veins so they had to move the needle around in his arm to locate the vein. Tears were running down his face, I felt so bad for him. At least he was back to his happy, bubbly self by the time we got home; in fact one of my aunts was quite surprised how happy he was after going through all that; I guess that's just one of the many things that make babies so precious.

On an unrelated note, this is actually just a little info for the mothers and mothers-to-be that worry like I tend to . . . Maybe this isn't something that enters everyone's mind, but as a mom that has lost a child, you worry (or obsess) over everything especially when it comes to losing another child. Actually to start out, I didn't give really any thought of SIDS, and then one morning when Bohdy was about 3 months old, I had an experience which scared me and started my excessive worrying about the possibility. One night I put him down to bed in his crib and after over 8 hours I woke up and realized he hadn't woken up throughout the night (which never happened up until this day since I was breastfeeding). The curtains were shut, so I didn't have a lot of light, but I walked over to check on him and lightly touched his hand, it was ice cold; I swear my heart stopped. I began lightly moving him, but no response, so out of panic I started shaking him until he woke up. All was fine, he woke up and I finally started breathing again. I swear I was one moment from going into a complete frenzy.

For the next month, I drove myself insane, I would wake up constantly to check on him, at least once every hour; I was looking up every piece of information on the internet; I completely took his crib down to nothing but the bed sheet. Then in one of the message boards, I found a parent that mentioned there are now movement monitors that can be used. I looked online at Babies-R-Us and found the Angelcare Movement Monitor. It is 100% the best purchase I have ever made. You place a board on top of the crib frame and then the monitor goes between the board and the mattress (under the mattress). It detects the baby's breathing and after 20 seconds of no movement it will alert you. 20 seconds . . . in my mind that is enough time to begin administering CPR; an hour, it's too late. Words cannot express how much peace of mind this has brought me. Especially when he was able to turn himself over to sleep on his stomach; I was finally able to sleep with one less thing to worry about. Now, the first time that monitor went off, it freaked me out and I ran to his room, only to find he rolled far to the edge of his bed where the sensor couldn't detect him, unfortunately this becomes a more frequent occurrence when they start moving around a lot, but false alarms are completely okay with me, at least I know the monitor is doing its job. The monitor does pick up most of the crib area, just not when he has wedged himself far against the edge of the crib.

I will say these monitors can become pricey; I spent around $150, but it was worth every penny. I'm sure you can find cheaper and even more expensive ones, depending on what you are looking for but I am really happy with the one I chose. I read that the chance of SIDS drops to zero after the age of 1, and now he is 1 (yeah), but I don't think I'm ready to part ways with my beloved monitor just yet.

Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope it's a wonderful holiday!!!

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