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Entry 5 - March 2, 2012
Sick . . . Sick . . . Sick

In mid January we had a weeklong trip to Las Vegas scheduled since Jeramy attended the CES convention and wouldn't you know it, Bohdy and I were sick the entire week. We still managed to go out each day and do things around town. My mom lives in Vegas and one of my Aunts came up to hang out with us while Jeramy was in conference all day. Bohdy is still too young to enjoy the arcades and such, but he really loved the lights of the strip, so I drove him up and down a few times. We walked him down the strip, took him to some of the more kiddo stuff like Circus Circus to see the aquarium, animals and such. He seemed to enjoy himself until the last couple days, and then he had enough of Vegas, staying in a hotel and eating out all the time. He started throwing fits at the restaurant. I was pretty glad to be home and back into our normal routine.

I went back to work after taking the week off to go to Vegas and then the following week we got sick again. I was so sick I could barely get out of bed one day, so Jeramy stayed home from work to take care of Bohdy. Bohdy also got pretty sick so the pediatrician put him on breathing treatments, an antibiotic and a steroid to help his breathing. They even sent him for a Pneumonia X-ray, which thankfully came back negative. He got better after about a week, but I ended up staying sick for over 15 days. In all I was actually sick about 23 days out of a one month timeframe (no fun).

Right after the first cold, we had planned a weekend trip to take Bohdy for his first visit to the snow and then we got hit by the second cold just before that weekend. We decided we'd try and make it anyway and it ended up being a bad idea, all of us were just miserable. We only made it to dinner and then spent the rest of the night in the hotel. Then I ran out of milk for Bohdy later that night and no one felt up to running out to the store in the cold to pick up some more, so I had to water down his existing milk to get us through the night. Not a single one of us got a good night's sleep, so we decided to just stop by the side of the road on our way home to show Bohdy some snow; we never actually made it to play in the snow, so we will have to save that trip for another weekend.

After we were feeling better, we thought it would be a fun day to take Bohdy to the Renaissance Fair and spend some time outside. It was a gorgeous day; it wasn't hot at all, in fact it was a little windy which gave some nice breezes. The only thing that would have made it perfect is if it was a little overcast (I love overcast days). Bohdy is at that stage where sitting still is nearly impossible, so we weren't able to catch many of the performances going on, but we let him walk around and he really seemed to enjoy himself.

Aside from being sick for quite a while there, all has been quiet on the home front. A little unwind time is always nice and it's great to be feeling better.


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