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Entry 6 - April 13, 2012
I Hate Psychics

It's funny, because we are usually home bodies, yet lately it seems as though we are always out and about. Over the last month we have had a lot of company; it will be nice to spend a weekend at home just hanging out.

My Aunt's work was a participant in the Phoenix 5K Heart Walk and she said she wanted to do the walk in honor of Baylee so we got about 10 family members and friends together and we all did the walk together; we even had in honor of Baylee scripts added to our shirts and to Bohdy's onesie. It was a nice day, not hot at all and it was my first 5K. I'll admit I don't exercise much, so I was hoping I wouldn't struggle with it and I didn't. I was proud of myself for following through with it. I would now love to do more of them. It was a rather nice day and I felt good afterward, although I was sick (yet again) so I had to walk sick and I still didn't have any issues but I was exhausted later in the day and took a much needed 2 hour nap. .

Jeramy and I also attended a Tattoo Expo. I have been thinking about getting Baylee's name tattooed on me over the last couple years but never actually got around to it, and then as we were walking around the expo, I didn't fully expect to get up the nerve to get one, but I did it. It's funny, because I got a tattoo years ago so I knew what to expect, but I was getting nervous all over again. I ended up getting her name tattooed on my wrist in purple cursive writing. I'm glad I finally did it as I felt like I have been putting it off for quite some time. I don't want to end up with a bunch of tattoos, but I feel as though I should now get something for Bohdy. My tattoos just have to have a girly look to them. .

On St. Patrick's Day, my work was holding their annual Breakfast at the Zoo outing, so we invited quite a few family members and we all had a great day. Bohdy really enjoyed his day at the zoo. He loved looking at all the animals and once again we had a breezy overcast day so it was just the perfect day to be out at the zoo. They had a part opened that allows you to interact up close with the giraffes, but it is only at certain times and we missed it by 5 minutes, what a bummer. A lot of the animals were apparently loving the weather too because they were all out for us to see. .

Finally, this past weekend we had a weekend just to ourselves, so we took Bohdy to the lake to take some pictures and let him play in the water. One of the neighbors at the lake brought her boy over who was almost two, so he was splashing around Bohdy and Bohdy was just laughing and having a great time. I love watching him laugh and play. It is going by way too fast. I just want to press pause and enjoy this time a little longer. .

So in regard to my entry title, Jeramy and I and a couple of family members went to a Beer Festival and for fun, they had Psychics so I decided why not. So I asked the psychic if she saw more kids in my future. She said 'No,' she only sees one child. She did say that she saw another miscarriage but no more babies. Needless to say it bummed out my entire day, actually I'm still bummed out about it. .

Then Jeramy's grandmother believes she has psychic abilities and she had mentioned that she sees Bohdy being my only child and that Jeramy and I are done in regard to kids. I can't really say I ever believed in psychics, yet I feel like I am more determined than ever now. At the same time, I don't want to have another miscarriage and I definitely don't want to lose another baby so I wonder if they are just giving me warnings to not keep trying. It kind of makes me feel defeated and I find I'm now second guessing myself. .

I will say that is the last time I plan on talking to a psychic about my family planning. At least I have Bohdy to put a smile on my face every day and boy does he ever, saying he makes me happy is so much of an understatement that there really isn't a word for how wonderful I feel being his mom.


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