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Entry 7 - June 6, 2012
The 1st Easter Egg Hunt

So we just had our first incident where Bohdy threw up. It was horrible and I felt so bad for him. He wasn't really showing symptoms of being sick so I thought it may have been something he ate. He woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well, so I took him to our rocking chair where I tried to rock him back to sleep, then he was making a gurgle noise so I sat him up and out it came. It was everywhere, all over me, all over him, all over the chair and the floor. Then he started crying; it was sad to watch. It also smelled horrible, so Jeramy got up and took him in the shower while I cleaned up the mess, then we settled back into the chair and here came round two. After a while, I got him a bottle, which he started drinking, but shortly after that was round three. Finally it was gone and he went back to bed.

The following day, I got sick. I was feeling pretty horrible; I also threw up and ended up in bed the entire next day. I'm glad that has passed.

The next weekend was Easter, so on Saturday we took Bohdy to a local farm to go Easter egg hunting. They had Easter eggs and toys all over their grass but there were so many kids that it lasted maybe five minutes at the most. It was very cute to see Bohdy point to the egg he wanted and pick it up and put it in his basket. At least they had the babies and toddlers separated from the older kids or Bohdy might not have even gotten an egg. We planned a double Easter celebration with both families. We spent Saturday with my family where they grilled steaks and had a couple cakes for my grandfather and an Aunt's birthday. Then we spent Sunday at Jeramy's mom's house.

At the end of the month our pro football team was holding a Rib & Music festival on Draft weekend, so we decided to head over after work and have some ribs for dinner. We went last year and enjoyed it, but maybe we just didn't pick the right booths, because we didn't like the sampler platters we got from either place. It was a bit disappointing. We were too full to try the ribs from any other booth, so the food was a letdown, but we got to see a couple players signing autographs and Bohdy got his picture with the cheerleaders, although unfortunately he cried the whole time. He had his picture taken with them before and was fine, so I'm not sure what his deal was, but I told him he just blew it, crying instead of enjoying his picture with the girls.

After feeling down from my experience with the psychic, I received an email from a reader that gave me some wonderful suggestions in TTC. She definitely lifted my spirits and I am feeling much more optimistic. Thank you again Pamela for the suggestions, I will definitely be trying them over the next couple months.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month . . .


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