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Entry 8 - December 1, 2012
Catch Up Time

Honestly, I cannot say there are any real new changes over the last 6 months, other than Bohdy growing like a weed.

Back in May we took Bohdy to San Jose with a visit to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and San Francisco. He loved the beach and ocean. At first he was very timid, but then after a few splashes he was getting bolder and trying to go right in the cold water. I will definitely need to get him to the beach more often.

For 4th of July we just took Bohdy to a local park to watch the festivities and fireworks. Last year he watched for a short time, but then went to sleep, but of course he was only 6 months old. This year he was in awe. We also had some of the military planes do a fly over and he loved that. It is so fun to watch him grow and see the excitement on his face from the experiences we take for granted or have forgotten about because it just seems like so long ago.

It was of course a long, hot summer and I did my best to stay indoors, but finally that is behind us and we are right in the middle of my favorite season, 'Fall'. We took Bohdy to our State Fair again and he loved it even more this year than last year. I think he spent at least a half hour in the petting zoo. He just loves animals and I have taught him that we always pet the animals gently. I must say, I find it sad when children hit and pull on the animals and their parents are standing there doing nothing about it. I'm not one to interfere with another parent, but on one occasion a while back, there was this 2 year old just hitting away at this tiny baby goat (that was just laying in a ball) in one of the petting zoos while the mother watched. I was so livid and tired of watching it, that I walked right over there, picked up the baby goat and moved him to a safe place under his food bin where she could no longer hit on him. I realize that toddlers can be a handful, but that is not how my son will be taught to behave around animals. He already knows and shows much kindness to animals and if that changes, he will not be taken to the petting zoo until his behavior is corrected.

We also took Bohdy to a pumpkin patch this year and he tried (very hard) to lift the pumpkins, so finally he just starting rolling them since he couldn't lift the big ones, but we got the right one and him and Daddy carved it later that night.

We took Bohdy out trick-or-treating for the 1st time on Halloween, and I must say, he never ceases to make me feel like I have the best child in the world. We were trying to get him to say trick-or-treat prior but he wouldn't then at every house he said it and also said thank you to everyone that gave him candy. We then came home and started giving away all the candy we bought and he enjoyed putting candy in everyone's bag.

He is such a happy boy and I will always continue to fill his life with love and happiness because that is what he does for me.

Oh wait . . . there is one new big thing . . . I'm pregnant again and so excited!!


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