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Danielle's Parenting Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Danielle's parenting journal.

Danielle and her husband Jeramy have experienced three miscarriages and the loss of their 8 day old daughter, Baylee Marie, following surgery for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Coarctation of the Aorta on December 17, 2009. Their new son, Bohdy Mack, was born December 12, 2010 and their new daughter, Rylee Brynn, was born July 5, 2013.

Join Danielle as she shares her parenting after loss journey.

Entry 17 - November 4, 2014
Months Full of Travel

Sorry for the delay in updating; I had family come out for a visit in August, September and October. The kids and I also drove to Phoenix in September and October so we have been busy. My family came out the second weekend of August and I was so excited to have them here. My mom and one of my aunts came out a day earlier than another aunt and a couple of my cousins, so as we were waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, my mom, my aunt, the kids and I went to the Universal City Walk for lunch; we ended up having to pay $25 to park just so we could have a so-so lunch, oh yay!! Then we drove to the Griffith Observatory and couldn't find a place to park; the closest place was about a mile uphill, so that didn't work out, so we decided to head to the LA Zoo. It cost $19 a person, it was hot, there were bees following us everywhere we went and we hardly saw any animals, what a waste. I don't think I will be returning to that Zoo anytime soon. The whole day seemed to kind of be one event after another. At least it's a story we can laugh about. Once my other aunt and cousins arrived later that evening, we headed out for Sushi. The place we chose was a very good place, but it was closing down to build in a new location and we showed up on closing night which meant everything was backed up or they ran out. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours waiting on food but since there was a big group of us, we enjoyed spending time together and catching up that we didn't notice the long wait time.

The next day we all headed out to the beach and we planned to take Bohdy's kite with us and his remote control car that can drive through sand. We forgot the kite and the batteries died on the car; haha that is just how our luck tends to go. The kids had a blast and I was so glad that we had a group there because I haven't been making it out to the beach much lately and having the extra help with the kids gave me the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy being at the beach instead of having to take the kids in the water the whole time.

My aunt and cousins only stayed the weekend while my mom and other aunt stayed an extra day, so later that evening, we decided to head back to Griffith observatory not realizing we were heading there on the night of the Supermoon. It was so busy that we didn't even make it up the mountain before we were turned away. At least none of us got upset from all the mishaps. We just laugh at the adventures.

My mom came out again over Labor Day since Jeramy left on the first of his few hunting trips. We finally made it to the Griffith Observatory. The kids had absolutely no interest in it at all; the only part they enjoyed was running around the front lawn. I guess that is how kids are. The kids and I drove my mom back to Arizona and stayed for a week. We got to go to one of the Arizona Cardinals games and were there for one of Phoenix's big monsoon storms. I was so happy to get rain because we haven't had any rain for months here in California.

Days after we got home Bohdy was set to start Tee Ball. I enrolled him in Tee Ball when we lived in Phoenix and it went really well. I remember Jeramy had commented that the Tee Ball I enrolled him in back in Phoenix was very unique to most. The coach broke down the fundamentals of the game in a way a kid could understand and really took the time to get the kids involved and only allowed it to be a small group of 6. I just assumed this second round here in California would be the same. I was so wrong. We showed up and there were at least 25 kids, the main coach and a handful of volunteer coaches. It was nothing like what Bohdy had previously participated in. It was chaos and Bohdy wanted no part of it. We have spent 5 weeks trying to get Bohdy to participate. So far only 2 of them have been moderately successful. He has 3 more weeks and we will continue trying, but I think I am going to look elsewhere for smaller group activities I can get him involved in instead of continuing with this one. Given that we are living in a smaller city, we are much more limited than we were Phoenix.

My mom and aunt came out in October during Jeramy's second hunt trip; we didn't do a whole lot but hang out. My mom flew back home a couple days early and I drove my aunt back to Arizona and again spent another week there. We took the kids to the Arizona State Fair and Bohdy rode a few rides this time and went through many of the fun houses. Rylee wanted to do everything but unfortunately wasn't tall enough for anything. Poor thing had to just sit around and watch. We also took them to one of the Pumpkin patches and they loved going through the corn maze and riding the train and going on the haunted hay ride. Rylee rode on a horse with her Uncle. Bohdy was willing to ride a horse with me but the horse saddle they put me on wasn't big enough for both of us so as I got off the horse, Bohdy walked to the back of the horse, so I ran over there to get him so he wouldn't get kicked and as I picked him up we both fell to the ground, scraping up our knees and elbows. That was pretty much it for Bohdy; he wanted no part of riding the horse after that. I felt so bad because it was completely my fault we got hurt. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to try again next year.

For Halloween Bohdy decided he wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and since I still get to pick with Rylee, I dressed her as TinkerBell. We took them to a local Halloween carnival that was also having a trick-or-treat area. It turned out the trick-or-treat candy was kinda lame and the carnival was small so we ended up leaving and taking them trick-or-treating. It was actually what they loved most about the night, so I'm glad we didn't stay at the carnival. I do have to say that I LOVE living somewhere that is not hot on Halloween. It was nice and cool, just how I imagine Halloween. I checked the weather for back home and it was in the high 80's after dark. I never get tired of California weather.

With that being said, there is one flaw to living in California . . . they don't regularly air the Arizona Cardinals football games. I figured I was going to have to order the NFL Sunday ticket and I'm so glad I did because my team is doing great this year (so far). I love watching all (pro) football games, but I'm passionate about my home team and hate to miss a game so I'm glad for the technology out there that allows me to watch the games no matter where I live. I hope everyone has had a great Halloween!!!


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