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Week 11
~ New Orleans Here We Come

We went to New Orleans this week; my husband had a TechEd conference to attend. I love when he is sent off for training or conferences cause I get a free trip out of it.

We have never been to New Orleans so we were definitely looking forward to it. We didn't venture much from the French Quarter / tourist area since he had his conference during the day but it was a really neat city and we had a great time. The weather however was another story. We are used to hot summers as our summers are usually between 110 - 120 degrees, but I am definitely not familiar with humidity. I sweat a lot while I was there, but we didn't let it stop us from seeing the things we wanted to.

There was a casino between our hotel and the French Quarter so we would walk through the casino every time just to cool off. We didn't do any gambling though since we are going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and we're saving the money to lose in Vegas. We cannot wait to go back in the future during a cooler month and see a lot more of what the city has to offer.

So far the pregnancy has been going great and my 24 hour urine came back normal. I feel very bad for those of you that experience morning sickness, I can only imagine how dreadful it is. I am thankful I haven't had morning sickness either time. Since I am at 11 weeks already, I am hoping I'm out of the woods and that it doesn't start later down the road for me. Both pregnancies I have had very few symptoms, but I did get my third symptom this week. Actually, I don't know if this is considered a pregnancy symptom but I got it with my last one and now with this one. I got a heat rash. I have only had them with pregnancy. I didn't even know what it was the first time. Currently I only have it on my chest. Last time, I had it on my chest, stomach, legs and it lasted for weeks. I am trying hard not to let it spread.


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