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Week 12
~ Nuchal Translucency Scan

This week we had our 12 week Nuchal Translucency Scan and initial blood draws for Downs and everything is looking great. I am relieved to say that the intestines the doctor noticed at 10 weeks which was still in the umbilical cord at the time has completely moved into the baby's body. He expected it to happen but was still being cautious; just one less thing to worry about. He did say it was too early to get a close look at our baby's heart just yet, but he is pleased with everything he sees so far.

We do know we will be doing the anatomy scan ultrasound around 17 weeks followed by a fetal-echo at 22 weeks. The fetal-echo looks very closely at the baby's heart. I wish I didn't have so many doctors' appointments, but I am thankful they are taking such good care of me and the baby.

Week 12After getting some good news about the progress, we decided to tell our moms and my stepson about the pregnancy. Everyone else is still out of the loop until we are done with the anatomy scan but we are getting close. I would just love to share the news with everyone but by keeping it secret, we have kept the pregnancy very low stress. A small part of me would just like to give them the news when I'm in labor (although I don't think I can disguise it for that long ).

I was reading on certain websites that it is also too early to accurately confirm the gender at 12 weeks especially a "potty shot," but I would have to say our little one is definitely looking very boyish. What do you think?


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