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Danielle's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 13 & 14
~ A Free Trip to Las Vegas

We spent half of this week in Las Vegas. We were sent a free 3 night stay at the Mirage so we weren't going to turn it down. Vegas is always so much fun; we usually stay out partying it up all night long when we go, but since I cannot do any drinking, it was a more mellow trip this time. But it was still a nice getaway, plus my mom lives there so I get to visit.

We ate at the Rio Buffet for dinner the first night and on the second day I began feeling not so great. I had a really queasy stomach and became a real downer as I had to go back to the room to lie down for a while. It stayed with me all day and I started wondering if I was being hit by morning sickness this late in the pregnancy but by the next day I felt a little better and now it is completely gone so I'm thinking it was something I ate for dinner the night before.

So much for preventing my rash from spreading; just like last time, I have it all over, but I think it is worse this time. I have it all down my legs, chest, stomach and lower back. I have lived in the heat all my life and the only time I get a rash is when I'm pregnant, that is just so weird.

I had my monthly appointment with my OB. Even though I don't see her much during each visit (usually a max of 10 minutes), I really like her, she is always hopeful and happy when things are going well. This week she walked in with her fingers crossed. She was very happy with my first trimester ultrasound results. My blood pressure is still in the normal range for now and we listened to the baby's heartbeat.

We went to dinner with my Aunt and Mom while my Mom was in town and when we were eating I felt the tiniest little flutter. It only happened the one time and I haven't felt it again but I know it wasn't gas so that was cool. I didn't know what to expect last time so while I may have been feeling movement all along I didn't realize any movement until around the 20th week. I may not feel it again for a while, but at least I know he's wiggling around in there.

My last pregnancy, I was so paranoid of another miscarriage that we rented a Baby Doppler early on just so I could know each day that she was still doing okay. It did come in handy as we had a scare around 15 weeks when I began bleeding one night. The only time I ever bled before was during a miscarriage so I was panicking and thankfully my husband found her heartbeat with the Doppler right away. They think it may have been some strain on the cervix since the placenta was a little low lying at the time. I think back now and how I worried thinking a miscarriage was the worst thing that could happen again not knowing we were about to find out how much worse things can be.

This pregnancy, I am trying to leave all the stress and worrying behind me as in the end, what is meant to happen will, so I decided not to rent one. I'm just focusing on keeping myself in good health.


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