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Week 15
~ Weight Loss

My stepson turned 17 this week so we spent the 4th of July and celebration of his birthday up at Lake Powell. We rented a boat and cruised around the lake all day, then watched the fireworks; it was a great time. I expected it to be hot, but the weather was nice. I haven't been on a boat in years and forgot how much I enjoyed it. We liked it so much that we started talking about saving up some money to rent a houseboat next year for a week. Funny thing is, when we returned a guy from work told my husband they have a houseboat/timeshare on Lake Powell and if we are interested we can join for next year, and we just have to commit to at least two years. Talk about perfect timing. I figure we will wait until we know the overall health of the baby and then make plans.

I got on the scale this week and to my surprise and excitement I am down 10 pounds. I knew I would lose weight due to my really strict no sugar/low carb diet to control the Diabetes but I didn't expect to already be down 10 pounds. I figured I would hit that around the 7th month or so. Last pregnancy when they discovered the diabetes at 5 months, I hadn't gained a single pound; then lost a total of 10 pounds after changing my diet. I did end up putting back on 5 of those 10 pounds at the end when I was switched over to insulin. Pregnancy has been great for my body externally; I lost 21 more pounds right after giving birth to Baylee, but gained 2 pounds back prior to getting pregnant again. Now I am down a total of 35. What woman doesn't love losing weight?

Actually, the greatest part of it is . . . my Blood sugars and Blood Pressure seems to have an even better effect because of the weight loss. My regular diabetes doctor thinks if I get my weight down then I will most likely prolong and even prevent it from turning to full blown diabetes. I sure hope so.


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