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Week 16
~ Does the Heat Ever End . . . Not Here?

DanielleThis week we had received another free trip to Las Vegas, only this time at the new Aria hotel. It would have been nice to see the new hotel, but we decided not to go however as we have been out of town quite a bit lately. I just hate leaving my animals home alone, plus next week my Aunt will be in town visiting so it will have to wait for another time.

Too bad my aunt is heading into town while it has been so hot. I think we are now hitting about 115 degrees each day. That just means we won't be spending our time out and about.

Next week at 17 1/2 weeks we have our big anatomy scan ultrasound scheduled. Baylee's heart defect was discovered at 19 weeks, so I'm not sure if they will see any possible heart defects this early but they will be looking closely. I sure hope it comes back looking good as I'm now getting pretty nervous to get the news. A big part of me wants to not go and find out the prognosis after the baby is here, but I know it needs to be done.

Minus the numerous doctor visits, the pregnancy itself has been moving along uneventfully. I still have my rash (boo), other than that I have no symptoms. I do hope I start feeling him move around soon. I had mentioned I felt the one flutter a couple weeks ago, but nothing since. I read that you usually feel movement sooner in subsequent pregnancies, but so far, I haven't.

We have still been keeping the pregnancy a secret; luckily I'm only showing a little. Yes, unfortunately the stomach you see in the picture is mostly mine pre-pregnancy so no one has become suspicious. I think a few of our co-workers have been wondering what's up for a while now, but that is probably because of my diet and they see what I eat for lunch every day. I don't think they fully believe I eat the way I do just because of the diabetes. We hope to get some news next week; otherwise we may still be keeping it quiet for a few more weeks.


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